Hindi Tv Serial Aastha Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani

Aastha  Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani Hindi tv-serials on SAHARA ONE

Aastha- Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani is the expedition of Yashodha and Aastha, who with their belief and piety are firm to fight against the sinful massacres and wicked doings of Rajaji and re-establish harmony in Devipur. Rajaji was a self-assumed God of Devipur, who hopes to be worshiped by everyone. He influenced the naïve inhabitants of Devipur in numerous ways for his personal welfare. He detained their plots and involved in dreadful activities of child employment by forcing the kids to slog in his plant in the cold-hearted environment.

The passage of Aastha in an enlightened route of Maa will go on limitlessly even if she has to take a new birth. Produced by Mustang Films, it includes actors Anwar Fatehan, Puran Kiree, Manju Sharma, Dimple Bagroy, Kunal Singh Rajput and Goonj Chand. It is a drama directed by Ajay Kumar. The first episode was telecasted on 2nd February 2015, on Sahara One. It’s believed that in Bhagavad Geeta, God Krishna had secured the humanity that each time the evil forces attack the earth; he will personify himself to a humanoid form and take birth to put an end to the evil powers and enforce laws.

He will persistently guard the virtuous against foul. In today’s period, the immoral controls have turned so widespread that the God reveals himself to the world and assist the spiritual individuals from these forces. Aastha- Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani portrays a story of imperishable devotion and religious fervor. The shows idea consists of social rooted with cases of godly intrusions. Yashodha is a strong devotee and disciple of Santoshi Maa.

She considers that Maa has bequeathed blessings regarding her young daughter, Aastha. Shivaani JS, the Business Head told that the story of Aastha- Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani indicates how God is present in every individual. If we have faith, then God and God’s love will become apparent to us. Aastha- Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani is also about Santoshi Maa, who survives in souls and always shows the right path, as Yashodha and Aastha, who adulate Maa and follow her path uprightly, even in Kalyug. It also teaches that no damage will happen to individuals who monitor the trail of God, the pathway of truth. A show like Aastha- Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani brings the lessons of our scriptures personalized to our existing situation, is very significant and germane in today’s world.