Hindi Series Astra Force

Astra Force Hindi Series on DISNEY TV

Astra Force is an Indian animated series. The show falls under the hit genre of superheroes which is a genre in which humans with abnormal talents like flying; super strength uses their powers to bring about a good change in the society. The show Astra Force follows one such superhero whose name is Astra. Astra has been in hibernation for a very long time due to unknown reasons and has woken up now by two children, Neal and Tara. Suddenly due to some power shift or something, both the children also develop powers.

At first, they get scared of their powers because of their tender age but with the support of Astra, both of them learn to control it and use it at their will. This gives them confidence about themselves and then all three of them join forces to fight the evil in the world. Each episode of the show henceforth deals with a certain adventure that these three superheroes embark upon to fight evil aliens or people who want to harm innocent lives and destroy Earth. The series explores their friendship and struggle in fighting evil together.

The show was very much hyped because it was created by the superstar of Hindi cinema, Amitabh Bachchan. He created it along with Sharad Devrajan. The show was released on the children’s favorite channel, Disney Channel India, and was a huge hit among children who loved all the three characters. The show has now been bought by the streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. The show has one season with a total of 52 episodes.