English Tv Show The Sopranos Season 1

The Sopranos English TV SERIALS on HBO

Tony Soprano a New Jersey-based mobster suddenly passes out at a barbecue. His doctor, Dr. Bruce Cusamano diagnoses it as a panic attack. Then he is suggested a psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi. They discuss what led to his passing out. Tony tells Melfi about his stress. He tells her of him how he is stressed of his business life and home life. He tells her that his wife and daughter, Meadow, do not vibe well as his wife thinks that his daughters friend, Hunter Scangarelo is a bad influence on her. Tony then reveals his business keeping the violent part away from Melfi.He tells that he is stressed about his mother,Livia, who is aging and is cynical.Tony then admits that he is depressed. But he storms out her office when she asks about the ducks that he had in the home.

Tony goes to place his mother in a retirement community when he gets his second attack which makes him go see Melfi again.This time she prescribes him a Prozac. In their next session ,Tony gives credits to the medications she prescribed but Melfi tells him that the therapy is making it better than medicines.Melfi tells him that he fears losing his family and his dreams are projecting that. Tony goes out to dinner with his mistress and then goes to the same place with his wife,Carmela. He tells her about his medications and him seeing a psychiatrist. Christopher kills Emil Kolar ,the heir of Czech waste management company Triboro Towers Garbage to solve the dispute.He then buries his dead body on the advice of their family soldier Salvatore Bonpensiero.After Emil’s disappearance, the Kolars take back the bid. Uncle Junior plans to kill Malangna in Artie Bucco’s restaurant ,Vesuvio but this murder might affect Arties’s business so Artie refuses the offer.Tony then detonates an explosion in Artie’s restaurant. Tony comforts Artie in his son's birthday party .Christopher gets angry for not being appreciated for his work of killing Emil.Christopher then tells Tony about his idea of turning his life into a movie and playing himself.

While giving a ride to Livia,Uncle Junior tells her that he would eliminate Tony if he interferes in his way. Brendan Filone and Christopher hijack a truck of DVD players and deliver it to Tony.Tony tells Chris that he does not like Brendan’s habit. Junior Soprano is upset of the hijack since he is responsible for protecting that truck. Uncle Junior meets with acting boss Jackie Aprile and Tony and complains about the hijack.Jackie is suffering from cancer and finding his successor. Junior is upset with Tony for treating his mother badly. Tony throws Brendan out when he insults Jackie. He takes 15000 dollars from Chris and hands over only 10000 to Junior. Brendan and Chris then plan to hijack a delivery of Italian suits but Chris does not support it.Therefore Brendan goes with two cohorts Antjuan and Special K. By mistake Special K’s gun fires and the driver is killed. Two of them flee from the scene leaving Brendan behind. Tony learns about it and asks Chris and Brendan to return the truck. Pussy and Paulie steal a car for Anthony Junior’s science teacher when they find his car chopped up.

Carmela offers Livia to stay with her family when she accidently kindles a fire in her kitchen. She refuses to the offer and Tony then hires a nurse for her. She complains about the nurse and keeps making racist jokes on her that the nurse quits eventually. One day she knocks her friendsFanny in a driveway and then her doctor suggests that she won't be able to live alone. Tony moves her to the retirement community. Tony gets another panic attack when he goes to her home to pack up her stuff. Tony tells Melfi that he feels the guilt of not being able to look after his mother. He blames his wife instead of his mother's difficult behavior for this. When Melfi makes him realize that it's because of his anger towards his mother he storms out of the place. Tony then beats up a barman Georgie who shows the same behavior as his mother thus showing the signs of anger displacement suggested by Melfi.

Even though Brendan and Chris return the truck to Comley Trucking, Junior Soprano is dissatisfied and thus he makes a plan to get back on them and Tony with his trigger man, Mikey Palmice. Silvio Dante offers Tony 25% of his business if he succeeds in forcing the man’s son-in-law to divorce with no compensation. Hesh Rabkin Tony’s Jewish friend ask Tony to not get involved with the Jews.Silvio with Paulie then kidnap his son-in-law,Ariel ,but he succeeds in defending himself. Ariel then challenges the men of Silvio to kill him. They then call Tony for help and then Tony calls Hesh for help.In his session with Melfi Tony storms out when she says that he is trapped within his negative thinking.Tony and other members of the gang visit Jackie in the hospital .Jackie's condition gets worse.Carmelo organizes an auction to raise fund for which she hires Artie and Charmaine.Charmaine feels insulted when Carmelo treats her like she treats her servant.To avenge the insult she tells Carmelo that she and Tony slept together before they got married . Meadow and Hunter decide to get speed from Chris and Brendan to get energized so that they can practice and study without getting exhausted for their show and SATs. Junior pays a visit to Livia at the retirement house.She advises him on how to tackle the situation with Chris and Brendan. Mikey Palmice shoots Brendan .Christopher is mock executed by Russian goons. Tony starts getting feelings for his psychiatrist .His detective employ mistakes her for Tony’s mistress and one day when following her beats up his date.Tony thinks of quitting the therapy but Carmelo insists him on continuing it thinking that the psychiatrist is a male.A.J finds out from Meadow what their father does for living when Jeremy backs down from a fight with him.

Chris thinks that Tony might be behind his mock execution because of him giving drugs to Meadow but later finds out that Junior is responsible.He wants to take revenge on Mikey Palmice when he finds Brendan’s dead body.Tony advises him to not go with his plan and shoots Palmice with a staple gun.He then goes to confront Junior.He then thinks of a diplomatic solution to the problem and then after consulting with Melfi,he makes Junior the head of the family. While on a trip to colleges that Meadow is considering to go ,she asks him if he is in the mafia.Tony says that his part of income does come from an illegal source .After he has admitted ,she confesses that she took drugs .When he gets angry she tells that as he was coming clean she wanted to come clean too.They both drop the topic. Later at the gas station, Tony sees Fabian Petrulio who was once a member of their DiMeo family but turned out to be FBI informant.Tony then leaves his daughter in the college bar and goes to track Fabian.Fabian notices him being tracked and in turn tracks Tony and his daughter.Seeing two bystanders near Tony he is unable to shoot him down.

Next day Tony drops Meadow for an interview at Colby college,finds Fabian and kills him.After that, he drives his daughter to the next college. Carmelo finds out that Tony’s psychiatrist is a female .She is visited by Father Phil with who she discusses her fears .When Tony returns home with his daughter he finds Father asleep on the couch and asks him to Carmelo.She asks back about Melfi. After becoming the head of the DiMeo crime family,Junior attempts to have more money towards him instead of towards the capos.The captains thus complain to Tony about Junior. After knowing that one of Larry Boy Barese’s man sold drugs to the grandson of Junior’s tailor,Tony decides to kill him. Next day Palmice abducts Rusty and throws him off the same bridge from which the grandson committed suicide.Livia asks Junior to tax Hesh Rabkin,Tony’s Jewish friend.After receiving many complaints about Junior, Tony decides to meet up with him.Junior decided to share the money with the capos.Tony confesses his love for Melfi in one of the therapy sessions.Melfi explains that it is not love but a positive feeling of the therapy.Carmelo gets jealous of Melfi and decides to help Tony instead of Melfi helping him.Junior becomes the main focus of the FBI and Tony’s position is of same as of the other capos. Tony and Carmelo learn that their son is suffering from ADD when they are called to the Principal’s office as A.J and his friends come drunk to gym class. Tony remembers his childhood when he first found out that his family was involved in the mafia.Tony and Camelo punishes A.J by forbidding him to watch T.V or go out.In his visit to his grandmother Livia he blurts out that Tony is seeing a psychiatrist .Livia is about to tell this to Junior when suddenly Tony walks in. Larry Boy Barese,at his daughter's wedding, informs the capos that FBI is going to send information to New Jersey associates.Tony and Camelo then come back home and hide their weapons and money.Tony asks Camelo to distract Livia with brunch for him to hide things from her apartment as well. Livia tells Junior about Tony’s psychiatrist when he visits her. Tony is detained by the FBI.at the next session, Melfi charges him for the missed session which angers Tony and he storms out.Chris suffers from having nightmares about the first person he killed .He decides to dig his body and relocate.In addition to that,Chris is struggling to write his play.Chris then sees in news that Brendan is making more name than him even when dead.So he takes out his frustration on a clerk ,shooting him on foot for making him wait for the pastry.Tony worries about Chris’s mental state after learning about the shooting.Next day Chris gets a call from his mother telling him that he has made to the Mafia list in the newspaper. Tony and the other fathers persuade Don Hauser,Meadows soccer coach to stay instead of changing the college. Meadow’s friend, Ally seems to have a love affair with the coach and tries to commit suicide when she learns that he will be moving out. Meadow tells her parents about it. Junior visits his girlfriend of 16 years, Bobbi. Bobbi discusses his ability in their sex life of which Tony makes fun of later in the golf game.Junior gets furious and ends the relationship with Bobbi.Tony decides to kill the coach but does not do it.He is handed over to the police.

Tony goes to thank Dr. Bruce for recommending Melfi .Bruce invites him over for golf.Bruce and his friends keep asking about mafia to Tony.he makes up a story to them.Tony feels that he is used as amusement to entertain guests and then takes revenge on them by scaring them.He hands them a bag filled with sand which they mistake for drugs.Chris and Adriana attend the musical rent and after that when they go to have food,Chris makes a racist comment which grabs the attention of rapper Massive Genius.After knowing he is from Soprano family he invites him over for a party.Adriana decides to start her career in singing and Chris helps to produce it.Chris takes the demo of the music to Hesh Rabkin who does not find potential in it.Massive Genius likes it when he listens to it but he finds Adriana more interesting than her music.When Chris points this out Adriana leaves the room saying Chris is holding her back. Big Pussy and Jimmy Altieri get arrested. Vin Makazian is a police detective but provides information to Tony .Silvio tells that Makazian owed Big Pussy 30000 dollars and that he must be responsible for Big Pussy’s arrest.To find out Tony asks Makazian to get the report of the informant but then Makazian gets arrested. Makzaian commits suicide on his release .Tony finds out that he must be responsible for him to take such steps.

Big Pussy gets bailed .Tony tries to see if Big Pussy is the informant.Tony gives this job to Paulie .Paulie takes him out for a steam bath so that he removes his clothes and Paulie can see a wire but Big Pussy refuses saying he is ordered by his doctor.Jimmy Altieri gets released and he comes to see Tony .He keeps asking Tony about the money he looted.Tony then concludes that Jimmy is the informant and not Big Pussy Makazian was talking about. Paulie then tells that Big Pussy has disappeared too. Junior Soprano comes to know from Livia that Tony and the other capos held their meeting in Green Grove.He becomes furious and then with Palmice plans Tony’s assassination. Tony meets a girl named Isabella and takes her out for lunch. Junior hires goons to kill Tony and as they wait for Tony to come in the newsstand as per his daily routine,Tony takes the back door to go see Melfi.In their next attempt to kill Tony,Tony sees the gun and defends himself.While defending himself he gets into an accident and injures his leg. FBI offers Tony to be a witness against the DiMeo family but he refuses the offer. Later Tony comes to know that Isabella was not real and he was hallucinating her whole time. Melfi tells him that it must be the side effect of lithium medication that he took. Silvio kills Jimmy in a hotel room after finding that he is the informant.

Tony storms out of the therapy and tells Melfi that the therapy is finished now.FBI agents play the records of Tony’s uncle and mother and inform him about their plan of killing him. Livia informs Artie that his restaurant was burned down by Tony. Tony tells Silvio, Paulie, and Chris that Junior was the one to plan his murder. They then kill Junior’s men. Tony arrives at Melfi’s telling her that she was right in predicting that her mother was planning his murder. Father Phil advises Artie to turn in Tony to police. Tony tells the members that he is seeing a psychiatrist and Junior is using this as an excuse to kill him. Camela sees Father Phil with Rosalie and having an intimate discussion. She leaves the church furiously. Charmaine hires Adriana as hostess for her new restaurant. Paulie and Chris kill Mikey Palmice. Junior gets arrested by the FBI .FBI offers to leave him if he confesses that Tony is behind all these but full of pride Junior refuses to do so. Father Phil asks Carmelo about Tony on which angered Carmelo accuses him of manipulating her. Disheartened Father leaves the place. Tony goes to kill his mother but finds out that she had a stroke. Tony sees his mother and tells her he knows what she has done .She smiles and he loses his temper. Restrained by the doctors he storms out of the hospital. Tony finds out that Melfi has gone for vacation. He then takes his family and goes to Artie’s place .There he sees Paulie,Silvio and Chris and Adriana.The Sopranos then take a table and enjoy the meal.