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“Now and then you have to choose between two options: what is easy and what is right”. Breaking Bad is an American TV series which revolves around Walter White ( Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher. He will already be struggling with his career and later on doctors diagnoses him with lung cancer which is unoperable. “Family first” is his motto as he started producing and vending crystalised methamphetamine, collaborating with his former student Jesse Pinkman ( Aaron Paul) to secure the future of his wife Skylar White ( Anna Gunn) and children Walter Junior ( RJ Mitte) And Holly. The sitcom shows the nature of families with the characters.

The pros and cons of every decision Walter took. In the second season, Tuco Salamanca ( Raymond Cruz) who is a psychopathic Mexican drug kingpin and also the distributor of Walt’s meth devotes time to his uncle, Hector ( Mark Margolis) who is physically disabled. “Family is everything” which Tuco always said lead to his cousins revenging his murder by Hank Schrader ( Dean Norris). Audience also noticed a pink teddy bear during season 2 which is damaged and has a missing eye. They first realised his presence at the end of the music video for Jesse’s band leading to the making of the second season. It reappeared in the final episode of the season on the mural of the wall in Jane’s (Krysten Ritter) bedroom, Jesse’s girlfriend. In the end, Walter is the reason for the collision of two aeroplanes in mid-air, though indirectly and the teddy bear has fallen out of the plane and into whites’ swimming pool leading the audience to consider it as a symbolic of the misery it brought to his loved ones.

The whole series revolves around families and to what extent one can go to protect them and give them a safe future sometimes leading to a wrong path and completely destroying the other. Walter at one point of time tried to escape his crystal meth business as Skylar didn’t approve of it but couldn’t as his high-level distributor Gus ( Giancarlo Esposito) told him not to by referring that family is everything and it’s his job to provide his family shelter, food and security even if everyone in his family hates him for that. Jesse is also lonely as his parents asked him to vacate once they got the air of his drug dealings, but soon enough he finds Jane. Walter brings him up like a family in front of Jane’s father. Walter tells him that Jesse is his nephew and is causing problems. Jane’s father assures Walter that Jesse is “family” and he should keep trying.