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The Simpsons is a funny, highly popular American sitcom. Created by Matt Groening, it is a satirical representation of the American working-class families. The Simpsons is a popular animated sitcom by Fox Broadcasting Company and started airing from 17 December 1989. Since its debut, the show has aired a total of 614 episodes by now and currently started airing the 28th season from September 25, 2016.

The Simpsons has received widespread critical acclamation over its first ten seasons. The Simpsons family is a fictional working-class family that lives in a fictional town of Springfield in Middle America. Homer is the father who works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer's job appears a bit peculiar as he's portrayed as a mindless buffoon. Marge Simpson is the mother and a stereotypical American housewife. The couple has three children: Bart, a notorious ten-year-old; Lisa, a precocious eight-year-old; and Maggie, the infant who barely speaks but can be found in almost every episode of the show. Santa's Little Helper is the pet dog, and Snowball V is the pet cat.

The Simpsons include a set of other characters as well, all working class people including teachers, co-workers, family friends, townspeople and local celebrities. Although all of these extra characters were created to be used singularly according to the demands of a joke, some of these characters have received extended roles in the show. The characters of the show don't age over the years and appear same as they were first created in 1989.

Dan Castellaneta voices for the father Homer Simpson, and a bunch of other characters as well including Krusty the Clown, Mayor Quimby and Groundskeeper Willie Quimby. Julie Kavner voices for Marge Simpson, Patty and Selma and a bunch of other minor characters. Nancy Cartwright voices for Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, and other children. Yeardley Smith voices for Lisa Simpson. Fox and the production team wanted to keep the identities of the sound artists a secret. So, the credits list only had the names of the voice artists and not of the respective roles they were playing. Also, Marcia Wallace, Pamela Hayden, Russi Taylor and Maggie Roswell are the supporting voice artists.

There is a special Halloween episode of the show which has become the annual tradition of The Simpsons. These incidents involve the family in a horror or science fiction setting paying homage to any famous piece of work in that particular genre. The Simpsons was the first successful animated American sitcom.