English Tv Serial Taken

Taken English TV SERIALS on NBC

Taken is a Franco-American crime action thriller drama based on the movie trilogy ‘Taken' by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. Clive Standen plays the protagonist Bryan Mills. The pilot episode was premiered on 27th February 2017 on NBC. In the 1st episode, we see two strangers getting on the train and killing Mills' sister. While he is at the funeral, he spots a black SUV outside, and on chasing it, he gets hit. Christiana Hart played by Jennifer Beals, who is the Deputy Director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, with her team tracks down Mills. Supposedly, while saving one of his associates Mike Hall, Mills killed the son of a drug lord, Carlos Mejia. Finding that Mejia was behind the murder, Mills leaves for his apartment where hired shooters attack him.

He takes them down and warns his friend Hall to save his daughter. Later Mills finds out Hall was working with the terrorists who abducted him. He gets hold of Hall but spares his life knowing that they threatened his daughter. Then Mejia's men capture him and take him to a deserted farmhouse. Meanwhile, DEA's plan to use him as bait to capture Mejia is successful when they take Mejia before he kills Mills. Later Hart asks Mills to join her team. In the 2nd episode Mills fails to properly operate. Using the information provided to them by Mejia on interrogation, Hart sends her team to Ukraine to capture another drug lord. Mills is left behind because of his poor performance. Meanwhile, a senator dies of heart attack under suspicious circumstances.

CIA agent Clara Ward contacts Hart and informs her about the murder of the senator. They arrange a meeting. Mills covers Hart, but she gets in Ward's car. The shooter shoots both of them. Ward dies and Mills takes Hart to a hospital. Hart finds out about operation "Fortunata" from Ward's husband, which covers human trafficking of refugees from Syria. They locate the shooter Davis, Mills capture him, but he is severely wounded. They take him to a hospital where other mercenaries attack him. Mills takes them down and captures one of them alive. Davis and his co-worker are tortured to reveal the name of their employer. Hart then uses the same poison which was used on the senator to get a confession out from him. Meanwhile, Mills sneaks in a footage of Mejia's cell and plans to kill Hart. He also tells Asha, his sister’s friend about everything.