English Tv Serial Magic Hour

Magic Hour Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Magic Hour is a show which is telecasted on DD National. It is an informative show which talks about various things from all over the globe. It has a runtime of one hour. The host of the show has knowledge about various things. Every episode, a theme is set, and the host has to engage the audience with this theme. He calls people who are experts in the field and with their help, the show provides a bucket full of information. There may be a single guest or a group of guests at the same time.

Usually, the guests are from other countries, and that is why the show takes place in English. The show also has dry jokes in it. Doordarshan is known for telecasting programs which are no different. This show is aired by national interest. It talks about the variety of foods available all around the world. Culinary experts are invited, and they give their views on the topic. They explain how that particular dish is good for you and how some other dish is bad for you.

It talks about the recent decisions made by the government. Most of us are not experts in the matter of politics and economics, and hence it is reasonable to expect that we have no idea as to why our government took a certain decision. The experts explain this decision and also tell us whether it is amazing or horrible for our nation. They explain how this particular decision was made, and how it can be made better. They talk about the wonders of nature in India and other countries.

Experts are called in from other countries to understand their society better. It is also like a news show where you can know everything about anything. It will help you to improve your general knowledge. Tips are given on how to love your life better. It is Magic Hour because it showcases the various wonders from around the world. It explains phenomena which we weren't aware of and how important these phenomena are. For most of us, we won't understand it, and we will consider it to be magic.

The set is like that of a debate show’s set. The panel will range from one to five experts. The host starts with giving a brief overview of the agenda. There are a few jokes that go around before things start becoming serious.