Bengali Web Series Eken Babu

Eken Babu Bengali WEB SERIES on Hotstar

Eken Babu is a Bengali web series streaming on Hoichoi, and then later on Disney+Hotstar. The web series is solely based on the detective story written by Sujan Dasgupta, which goes by the same name. It is hard to recognize Eken Babu as a detective when he looks nothing more than a simple strong-headed Bengali man, who hardly makes a living by solving matters as a detective. The series constitutes of five seasons with a total of 27 episodes.

The first season with a total of six episodes was directed by ‘Anirban Mallik’ and released on 3rd March 2018. It was based on the original story of Eken Babu, “Manhattane Moonstone”. Later on 10th November 2018, a second season was released, directed by ‘Anupam Hari.’ A third season came out on 28th November 2019, based on the story “Dhaka Rahasyo Unmochito”. A lot of these episodes revolve around Dhaka, Bangladesh, and hence these episodes prove to be visually appetizing.

The fourth season was launched around 2nd October 2020 and the fifth season was released on 8th October 2021, being the latest addition to the series. The fifth season is based on the story “Santiniketane Osanti”. Each episode consists of a different story, where Eken Babu is portrayed as the detective who solves the cases with a unique approach. If you are interested in fictional detective stories, you should definitely watch this show.