Bengali Tv Serial Arakshaniya

Arakshaniya Bengali TV SERIALS on ETV Bangla

Arakshaniya is a Bengali drama that aired on ETV Bangla and is based on the novel written by renowned author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay. The serial tells the story of a village girl named Geni and her unconditional love for her neighbour named Atul.

Throughout her life, Geni has suffered discrimination from society and has been looked down upon just because of the colour of her skin. Due to her complexion, it was difficult for her to find a husband for herself and she was spurned by the society because of not being married. Her family suffered humiliation because of this and she considered herself as a burden and an abomination because of all the hateful comments the society subjected her to.

Although hated and treated as an outcast by society, her neighbour Atul considered her as a good friend which leads her to have feelings for him in the future. Whether Atul will love her back and make her his companion for life or whether he will abandon her like all others, leading her to fall in the depths of depression and anxiety, constitutes the rest of the serial.