Assamese Tv Serial Namami

Namami Assamese TV SERIALS on Rang TV

This Soap opera is all about how Motherly love turns into excruciating possessiveness when a woman starts constantly interfering in the love life of her son. Although it sounds like a familiar soap opera story that’s used n number of times the execution of it, is what makes this one a classic. The story revolves around a very orthodox and conservative family of three members - father, mother, and son. The mother is the ruling party with very strict rules but she loves her son more than anything in the world. One day the son falls in love with a girl and this is when the actual story begins.

The boy has to claim the girl and now the couple has to go against the tide to convince the boy’s parents mainly the mother. This show is all about orthodoxic verse toxic. It is filled with talented actors like Amit Kumar Borah, JunuNath, Sagorika Goswami, Juri Sharma, Amitabh Rajkhowa, Banajyostna Devi, Abotosh Bhuyan, Ashrumoni Bora, Himakshi Kalitha, Trilokyo Kashyap, Jai Kashyap, Spainy Barman, etc. This emotional rollercoaster ride has 156 episodes each with a runtime of roughly 20mins. It ended on 27 Feb 2021 and all episodes can be watched onthe Youtube Rang TV channel’s playlist.