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Niyoror Phool Assamese TV SERIALS on Rengoni tv
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Niyoror Phool is a hit Assamese mega serial which started on December 16 2019 on Rengoni Channel. The channel has been serving unique concepts to its audience for long now. The cast of this TV serial includes ‘ Deepjyoti Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ,’ ‘ Utpal Dashora Utpal Dashora is an actor who works in the Hindi T >> Read More... ,’ ‘ Kopil Bora Kopil Bora predominantly works in Assamese project >> Read More... ,’ and ‘Priyam Pallabee.

 The serial has completed more than 250 episodes. Niyoror Phool is choreographed by ‘Biswajeet Changmai,’ directed by ‘Pankaj Ghosh,’ and edited by ‘Deepjyoti Das.’ It has a lot of gained appreciation and love from the audiences. The popularity of the cast members skyrocketed after their appearance in this show. After the success of the serial, several devoted fans of the serial created fan pages on the web.



Tarun Arora Assamese Movie Actor
DOB: 14 June 1979
Tarun Arora
Sukanya Baruah Assamese TV-Actress
DOB: 20 September 1999
Sukanya Baruah
Manash Pratim Mudoi Assamese Actor
DOB: 8 June 1993
Manash Pratim Mudoi
Prastuti Parashar Assamese TV-Actress
DOB: 15 December 1980
Prastuti Parashar