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3G Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

3G is a Bollywood horror film, starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan in the leading roles. The trailer of the film makes it clear that a haunted phone forms the crux of the story. Sam (Neil) and Sheena (Sonal),are a couple who are enjoying a romantic getaway overseas. The phone which they carry hosts an entity, unknown to the owners. Sam gets possessed by the entity and the entity’s lethal machinations cause distrust between the couple.

The entity takes full control over Sam’s body and forces him to its bidding. The trailer has been intentionally edited in a disjointed manner, with happy moments sandwiched between scenes of absolute mayhem to accentuate the degree till which the entity had disturbed their lives. The film largely received negative reviews with the critics prescribing the film to only those who enjoy ‘cheap thrills.’ The film also received criticism for its lousy editing. The actors’ efforts were appreciated by some critics; especially Neil’s journey from a happy guy to a possessed psychotic killer. The film was considered a box-office flop