Parvathipuram is a Telugu film which was later dubbed in Hindi as Divya Shakti It is a supernatural film and has a lot of loopholes Plot The film starts wi

Parvathipuram Movie Review

Parvathipuram Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Parvathipuram"
Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-06-2016
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
1.5 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • K Koteswara Rao
  • Nallu Venkata Suresh
  • Music Director:
  • Shayak Parveez
  • Editor:
  • Eldandi Raju
  • Sai Srinivas
  • Director:
  • MA Chowdary
  • Movie-Actor:
  • Movie-Actress:
  • Tapashree
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Art Director:
  • Punuri Anand
  • Director of Photography:
  • Mahi Sharlla
  • Dialogue Writer:
  • Gatkha Chalam
  • Production Company:
  • Nakshatra Entertainments
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • MA Chowdary
  • Story Writer:
  • Arjun Sai
  • _Supporting Actors:

Parvathipuram is a Telugu film which was later dubbed in Hindi as Divya Shakti. It is a supernatural film and has a lot of loopholes.


The film starts with the narration of a 300-year-old incident which goes like this - The city of Parvathipuram was ruled by a righteous king SuryapratapThakur and guarded by a deity before which every evil power in the world failed, but one day the enemies of the king ruined the happiness of the kingdom and wanted to capture everyone with their powers. The king’s advisor told him to hand over the reins of the kingdom to his two daughters to solve the problem. The daughters with their bravery were able to kill the two evil enemies and captured their souls, but in return lost their lives. The evil souls then possessed the body of the snake and it is said that once they kill their 100th prey they will be free again. Many people come to parvathipuram in lieu of the hidden treasure and get killed by the devils. Till now the number of people dead in Parvathipuram is 95 and the Devils need 5 more to be reborn. Cut to the present, a man named Madan who happens to cover the story of Parvathipuram reaches the place and gets attacked by the snake but somehow manages to come back alive. Madan is then questioned by his girlfriend and some goons who are behind the treasure as to what is the secret of Parvathipuram. In the midst of this, his girlfriend gets killed, and her sister thinks Madan has killed her so she seduces him with a plan to kill him. They both along with some gundas reach Parvathipuram to find the treasure where she discovers a goon has killed her sister, but not before killing Madan. She regrets killing him and tries to run away from the goon who tries to molest her. The devil then takes the form of Madan and kills everyone from the group but as the girl had already killed Madan he misses out on what could have been his 100th. The movie then ends with the devil saying he will be waiting for his last prey.


Though the movie was released in 2016 it reminds us of some 1980’s-1990’s horror films where there were no proper vfx. The acting is just unwatchable and you start having a headache. At one side South has given us movies like Bahubali on the other side is this movie with no proper storyline, crappy acting, good for nothing songs and just downgraded vfx.


Out of the lead actors, not one performance is worth mentioning.

What’s there?

• The film is filled with a lot of unnecessary scenes and also an incomplete storyline. Seems there will be a sequel too (Oh nooo!!!)

What’s not there?

• No proper direction, screenplay, and acting.

• Music is also not good at all.


It is a film only young children will find amusing. Nothing good about it at all.