A variety of Kannada movies is releasing these days The movie Padesave had much hype before release nbsp The moviegoer has to run a quick glance through the

Padesave Movie Review

Padesave Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Padesave"
Runtime: 2 Hours 06 MInutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-02-2016
2 / 5.0



A variety of Kannada movies is releasing these days. The movie Padesave had much hype before release.  The moviegoer has to run a quick glance through the entire review and read between the lines to make out whether the movie meets the expectations.  


The movie plot revolves around the characters done by Karthik Raj Karthik Raj is an Indian actor, popular amongst th >> Read More... and Nithya Shetty Nithya Shetty from Hyderabad is a South Indian act >> Read More... . There is romance aplenty in the movie. Another character done by Jaheeda Shyam emerges. A twist happens in the movie as it turns out to be a triangular romance. Somebody needs to sacrifice and give way for the other two. Everybody waits with bated breath to see what happens in the climax.

Star Performances

Actor Karthik Raj has a photogenic face and has an appealing appearance on screen. Nithya Shetty does not match his looks but has done her role without betraying the expectations. Vishwaraj, who does the hero’s buddy, has done his role in a commendable manner.


The director Chuniya should have given more priority to the story. The screenplay needed more attention.  The entertainment aspect of the movie should have been taken care of such that it reached a wider section of the audience.  

What is There?

  • The camera has been handled well in the movie.  
  • There are sufficient commercial elements in the movie.  
  • The comedy tracks in the movie deserve a thunderous applause.  The unexpected twists here and there manage to captivate the audience’s attention till the end.  

What is not There?

  • Although the opening scene is good, the story plummets down in quality after the interval. 
  • There have been many such stereotyped stories, and the movie’s story is no exception to that.  
  • The story is in bits and pieces, and the audiences find it difficult to assemble it into a meaningful whole.  
  • The movie lacks a good climax. The numbers in the movie are bland and uninteresting.  


To be frank, the movie which is meant to be a romantic comedy falls short of the expectations.  The best option is to watch the movie when it is shown on TV.