lsquo Ardhanaari rsquo is the story of a transgender seeking change in the society and the system Plot The plot of the story involves the protagonist who t

Ardhanaari Movie Review

Ardhanaari Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Ardhanaari"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 01-07-2016
Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0



Ardhanaari’ is the story of a transgender seeking change in the society and the system.

Plot: The plot of the story involves the protagonist who takes the form of Ardhanaari, a transgender, for the purpose of fighting and abolishing corruption from the system. Ardhanaari is a social reformer and also punishes those who practice and support illegal means for achieving their selfish motives. The story is about the fight of a single person for the rights of all those who are less privileged and harassed by the system and the rules of the society. The chief minister of the state, who is amongst the many wrongdoers, and who is responsible for all the dirty tactics of politics, is kidnapped by the protagonist.

Ardhanaari also tries to run a government by herself parallel to the present one, but her politics is clean and treats all people as equals. After a lot of effort by the police, they finally get hold of the protagonist and bring her to court to answer as to why she has been doing all this. It is then that the protagonist declares that she will speak only to the public about herself, her reasons, and her motive. What Ardhanaari discloses, what is her reason behind the fight and what is her purpose is what is in store for the audience.

Analysis: ‘Ardhanaari’ is a laudable effort by the cast and crew of the movie to shed light on the major issues of the society. The story, the dialogues, the screenplay of the film is perfect and gives the entire scenario a real life-like touch. The idea is new and relevant, but the execution is not that good, it should have been better for the audience to appreciate it. The first half of the movie is quite long and loses track at certain points but is nevertheless endearing. The x-factor of the film is the brilliant idea and the able direction by Bhanu Shankar Chowdhary.

Star Performances: both the lead actors in ‘Ardhanaari’, Arjun Yajath and Mouryaani are newcomers in the film industry. In their first attempt as artists, they have been quite successful. Their performances are praise-worthy. Arjun, who portrays the role of Ardhnaari is brilliant in his acting and is winning hearts for delivering such a difficult act in his first attempt in the industry.

What’s There:

1. The emotional element is the movie is quite proficient and will appeal to the audience.

2. The performances by the new actors are quite appreciable.

3. The script and able direction are what make ‘Ardhanaari’ a must watch.

What’s Not There:

1. The editing for the movie is disappointing.

2. The background score by Ravi Varma is not that enjoyable.

3. The expression and the aura of the film is a bit loud, and not all kinds of people will like it.

Verdict: ‘Ardhanaari’ sends out a beautiful social message of equality to the audience. It shows and encourages the fight against corruption in the society. The emotional touch is what the people will relate to. Overall, the movie is worth a trip to the theater and isfit for the big screen experience.