Baaram is scripted and directed by Priya Krishnaswamy. The movie has the star cast of R Raju, Arivalagan, Atulya Anand, Bharathikanth Sevalaiya, Sultana, Jay,

Baaram Movie Review

Baaram Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Baaram"
Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 21-02-2020
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Ardra Swaroop
  • Priya Krishnaswamy
  • Vetri Maaran
  • Music Director:
  • Art Director:
  • R Dhinakaran
  • Director of Photography:
  • Jayanth Mathavan
  • Executive Producer:
  • Ardra Swaroop
  • Line Producer:
  • Ardra Swaroop
  • Assistant Director:
  • Guru Ramaiyan
  • Casting Director:
  • Sugumar Shanmugam
  • Distributor:
  • SP Cinemas
  • Sound Re-recording Mixer:
  • Tarun Sharma
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Priya Krishnaswamy
  • Rakav Mirdath
  • Costume Assistant:
  • Guru Ramaiyan
  • Colorist:
  • RP Singh
  • Boom Operator:
  • Sourabha Mishra
  • Location Sound Recordist:
  • Bibek Basumatary
  • Supporting Actor:
  • P Arunagiri
  • P Samanaraja
  • S Nandini
  • SP Muthukumarm
  • Sameer Bakla
  • Shiva Ganapathi
  • Sugumar Shanmugam
  • V Bremnath
  • V Dhinakaran
  • Vijaya Bharathi
  • Ou Ramalingame
  • Nithin Zeyo
  • Stella Gobi
  • Arivazagan Jay
  • Atulya Anand
  • Bharathikanth Sevalaya
  • D Sultana
  • J Natraj
  • Janarthanan Sagadevan
  • Latchumi Ammal
  • N Dharshini
  • R Raju

Baaram Click to look into! >> Read More... Baaram ” is scripted and directed by Priya Krishnaswamy She was sitting in her editing room. Suchetana Bau >> Read More... Priya Krishnaswamy . The movie has the star cast of R Raju, Arivalagan, Atulya Anand, Bharathikanth Sevalaiya, Sultana, Jay, Natraj, Darshini, Jeya Lakshmi, Arunagiri and many others. The movie has the music composition of Ved Nair Ved Nair is an Indian music composer and director >> Read More... Ved Nair . Vetrimaran produces the film.


Karuppasamy works as a security guard. He stays with his sister and her sons. Karuppasamy has a son named Senthil. He doesn’t have any affection towards his father, unlike his cousins. When Karuppasamy met with an accident, the doctor's advice him to undergo surgery. As Senthil did not have enough money for the surgery, he takes his father home and doesn’t treat him properly. After a few days, Karuppasamy passes away and his nephews doubt the death of Karuppasamy and file a police complaint. However, the case was closed without revealing the right reason. What was the reason for Karuppasamy's death and why was the case closed without any investigation? Watch the movie to know the rest.

Star Performance

All the stars did their part well. Raju, who played Karuppasamy, is very much expressive and his performance is really heart touching. When he calls his son to help him attend nature's call, his performance grabs the attention of the audience. Everyone who watches the scene will definitely have some drop of tears.


The film is about senicide that has been followed in some villages to kill elderly people. The same kind of theme was followed in Karuppu Durai that released a few months back. Priya Krishnaswamy, the director of the movie, handled the script with utmost care. Although the movie has a lot of emotional content, it has a slight documentary touch. The director should have explained why Karuppasamy’s son neglects his father. The BGM and the cinematography are good.

What's There?

  • Performance of the stars is excellent
  • The script, screenplay and direction are good

What's Not There?

  • Except for a couple of minor flaws, nothing is negative


Baaram is an emotional drama that would touch you for sure. If you watch emotional movies with interest, then you would like this film!