The film rsquo s story is written by KG Vijayakumar who has written many superb horror stories It is a combination of both horror and thriller and depicts the

168 Hours Movie Review

168 Hours Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " 168 Hours"
Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 26-08-2016
Genre: Horror
3 / 5.0



The film’s story is written by KG Vijayakumar who has written many superb horror stories. It is a combination of both horror and thriller and depicts the 168 hours of a newly married couple. Let us watch what spooky things happen with them and how they get out of it.

Plot: The story is about two people who were getting married and a priest who did horoscope about them that if they both get married, then they will die within 168 hours. He was a popular priest who also did the prediction of Tsunami and the Peruman train. The couple ignores the priest’s prophecy and marries with each other. They decided to stay in their friend’s resort. And then the creepy things starts happening with them. Many incidents took their breaths away. They get completely shocked and terrified with the horrifying stories happening with them. This is when the actual story starts and leads to an unexpected suspense.

What all incidents happen with them and what all methods they apply to get rid of all these things forms the whole story

Analysis: It’s a 3D horror film so the effect and interest will be more as compared to the other horror films. KG Vijayakumar directed and produced the film under the production house Siddhi Vinayak Films. The story by him is unique and amazing. Santosh Sreeragam has done a commendable work of cinematography. The editing is good. The film already got a stupendous response because of its massive trailer from the people who love watching the horror kind of films. The characters have done brilliant roles.

Also, the director has got many frightening and scaring scenes to maintain the horror among the viewers. There are many movies which are releasing on the same date. So 168 Hours is really having a solid race among them. Since it’s a low budget project but expectations are higher as there is no point in underestimating the small budget films.

Star Performances: The actors in the lead role are Anju Priya, Manu Mohit, Neena Kurup, Rajeev Rangam and Seema G Nair. The supporting casts included J P Karuvatta, Madhu, Varghese Muyalan, Razak Paradise and Baiju. All played their roles well to make horror appear real.

What is there? The film has got the good characterization. Editing and Cinematography are neatly done. The audience loved the trailer and are expecting much more. There are many horrifying scenes in the trailer itself.

What is not there? The team is expecting a good response from the viewers, but it can lead to some problems as seen by the reactions of the audience. It has 2-3 more movies in opposition which are going to release on the same date of 168 Hours. So there can be a chance of less audience interest.

Verdict: This movie is for all those who are horror movie lovers and keeps interest in watching horror movies in theaters.