Of late, a movie that created much hype among the fans was Thithi, the Kannada movie.  The director Raam Reddy won a feather to his cap even before the movie s

Thithi Movie Review

Thithi Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Thithi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 4 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 06-05-2016
Genre: Drama
4.5 / 5.0



Of late, a movie that created much hype among the fans was Thithi, the Kannada movie. The director Raam Reddy Raam Reddy is a popular young director in Sandalwo >> Read More... Raam Reddy won a feather to his cap even before the movie’s release; the movie gained international recognition. Let us read the review to know about the movie better.


The movie is all about what happens when a very old man Century Gowda passes away without formally bequeathing his property to anybody.  Thithi means funeral, and so, the movie explains how the turn of events throughout the movie culminates in the funeral of the old man.  The deceased old man’s son does not care for the property.  But, the grandson has his eyes set on the property. The greed to inherit the property puts the grandson into action. What methods does the grandson adopt, and whether he achieves his end is the rest of the story.   

Star Performances:

Singregowda has done the role of Century Gowda. Even though he makes a very brief appearance in the opening scenes of the movie, he remains indelible in the hearts of audiences.  Thammegowda has done the role of Thammappa in the movie.  The character has been etched out so carefully that it gives the impression of a real-life character.  Not one person’s role could be ignored, and even new faces appear very professional.  


Sometimes, there is a thin line of demarcation between dream and reality.  But, as everybody knows movies are all about dream selling. And, this movie has sold the dream in a most impressionable manner. It could be best said that the director possesses the skills of narration. It is that which works out when considering moviemaking.  Just because the movie is about a funeral, as the title suggests, the proceedings in the movie are not drab. The movie arrests the audiences to their seats till the end.  

What is there?

  • The movie has been etched out in a very realistic manner.  
  • Every character in the movie fits into their shoes easily.
  • Singregowda has a compelling presence in the opening scene and arrests audiences’ attention
  • The sound effects in the movie add up to its flavor.
  • Century Gowda’s impressionable dialogue delivery will ring in everybody's ears barely seconds after the movie begins.

What is not there?

The quality of the movie outshines the minor defects in it.


The movie Thithi leaves a deep impact in the minds of audiences even after they leave the theater.