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Aura is a Kannada drama film released in 2023. Ashwin Vijayamurthy is the film s director and writer. Sujatha Chadaga and Chandrashekar are the film s producers

Aura Movie Review

Aura Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Written by Kanchan Singh
Review for the film " Aura"
Runtime: 2 hours 09 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-07-2023
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Sujatha Chadaga
  • Music Director:
  • Editor:
  • Madesh Raj
  • Director:
  • Ashwin Vijayamurthy
  • Art Director:
  • Director of Photography:
  • Supporting Actors:
  • Sathya Raj
  • Madhu Mathi
  • Anand Ninasm
  • Deepika Aradhya
  • AR Rohit
  • Sonia Krishnamurthy

Aura is a Kannada drama film released in 2023. Ashwin Vijayamurthy is the film’s director and writer. Sujatha Chadaga and Chandrashekar are the film’s producers. The music is by Girish Hothur Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Girish Hothur , and the cinematography is by Shri Hari Shri Hari is also known as Sree Hari. He was born >> Read More... Shri Hari . Madesh Raj edited the film, and Ajith Keshava provided the lyrics.

AR Rohit, Deepika Aradhya Deepika Aradhya is a South Indian actress born on >> Read More... Deepika Aradhya , and Anand Ninasam Anand Ninasam also known as N Anand is an Indian a >> Read More... Anand Ninasam are the leading cast. Sonia Krishnamurthy, Sathya Raj, and Madhumathi play supporting roles.


The film is based on two parallel stories. On one side, it revolves around a young boy named Aura. It shows how he transforms from a straightforward and honest person to one engaged in fraud and greed. On the other side, it highlights the need for conserving the forests, exposing how humans are mercilessly destroying the forests for their own gains and the importance of maintaining environmental balance. It also throws a light on those youngsters who do not get freedom from their families.

The film starts with Aura (AR Rohit), a priest and a photographer scheduling a photo shoot for Meera (Deepika), an artist and a biker. Aura visits Meera’s house along with Putta (Nikhil). Meera falls in love with Aura and wants to confess her love. She also wants to know more details about Aura. For this, she takes Putta’s help.

Putta tells Meera about how Aura used to be an introvert and has a fear of people. He also tells her about how Aura’s father Narasimha used to curb his freedom and ask him to involve himself only in spirituality.  

What is the rest of the story about Aura and his father? What will happen to the love between Meera and Aura?

Star Performance

Rohit, who played the role of Aura, looks smart and handsome on the screen. He gave an outstanding performance. His character has two aspects. His dialogue delivery, expressions, and acting are superb. Rohit steals the whole film with his performance.

Deepika Aradhya, who played the role of Meera, looks beautiful on the screen. She perfectly executed her part. She shows all the characteristics of a true lover.

Nikhil makes the film entertaining through his comedy. Chakrapani, Anand Ninasam, and Satyaraj look decent on the screen.


The film explores the themes of innocence, the conflict between man and nature, and the importance of protecting the environment. The film is set on a beautiful background which is very appealing to the viewers. The love story between Aura and Meera further enriches the film’s beauty. As the story progresses, it addresses the consequences of exploiting nature and the need to protect mother earth. The cinematography adds an aesthetic feel to this film. The scenic beauty and the Anjaneya near the foothills are appealing to viewers. Overall, Aura is a fantastic film.

What’s There?

• Themes of innocence, environment protection.

• Message-oriented film.

• A beautiful love story.

• Excellent performance by Rohit.

• The film sheds light on the consequences of exploiting nature

.• Neat cinematography. The landscapes and the foothills are beautifully captured.

• Heart-touching music.

• Good direction and story.

• Fantastic editing.

What’s Not There?

• Weak narration in the second half.

• The pictorial language may be confusing for some viewers.

• Minor technical glitches.


Overall, Aura is an impressive and must-watch film. The meaningful storyline, the performances of the cast, and the stunning visuals hold the film strongly. The film provokes strong feelings in the heart of the viewers. You will surely like this film.