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Paramvah is a Kannada romance, comedy, and drama film released in 2023. Santosh Kaidala is the film s director, and Sudhakar Boya is the executive producer. The

Paramvah Movie Review

Paramvah Kannada Movie Review
Written by Nishant Phale
Review for the film " Paramvah"
Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-07-2023
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0

Paramvah is a Kannada romance, comedy, and drama film released in 2023. Santosh Kaidala is the film’s director, and Sudhakar Boya is the executive producer. The cinematography is by Aroor Sudhakar Shetty Aroor Sudhakar Shetty, born in Udupi, Karnataka, i >> Read More... Aroor Sudhakar Shetty , and the editing is by Vikas Chandra Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vikas Chandra . Jos Jossey and Aparajit Raghavan composed the music.

Prem Sidegal, Maithri Kashyap, and Ganesh Heggodu are the leading cast. Avinash Ninasam, Shabareesh Kabbinale Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shabareesh Kabbinale , Mukund Maigur, Shruti Patil, Poornima Bailhongal, and Nazar Wayanad play supporting roles.


Paramvah revolves around a youngster named Param who turns into a drug addict. The film begins with Virupaksha (Ganesh Heggodu), a physically challenged man who loves his five-year-old son Param (Prem Sidegal). He takes his son to Dasara and shows him the traditional folk dance Veeragase. He asks him to undergo training in Veeragase and perform it in front of the Maharaja of Mysuru. Param tries hard to accomplish his father's wish, but he faces various hurdles caused by love and relationships.

Param joins an agricultural college in the city. He falls in love with a girl named Avani (Maithri Kashyap) in college. However, due to a small misunderstanding, they break up. After this, Param starts smoking and becomes a drug addict.

Will Param recover from his drug addiction? Will he be able to fulfill the wish of his father?

Star Performance

Maithri Kashyap gave the best performance. She steals the whole film with her performance. Her dialogue delivery and expressions are fantastic. She looks beautiful on screen. Prem Sidegal gave a remarkable performance. His transformation from the first to the second half is the most impressive part of this film. He shows all the characteristics of a drug addict. He gave a very realistic performance. 

Avinash Ninasam, who played the role of Param’s friend, looks decent on screen. His dialogue delivery, acting, and expressions deserve a lot of appreciation. Ganesh Heggodu makes the viewers emotional by playing the role of a caring father.


The film takes the viewers on an emotional journey of a father and son. It addresses the issue of drug addiction and shows how love and friendship can destroy a youngster’s life. The romance and emotional elements make the film gripping. The cast holds this film firmly, and the story looks realistic. All the actors gave an outstanding performance. The college scenes are impressive, and the second half of this film is more engaging. The soundtrack is amazing and adds depth to this film. The debut director deserves a lot of praise for crafting each scene with great care. All in all, Paramvah is a unique work of the Kannada film industry after a long

What’s There?

• Themes of passion and love.

• Emotional moments between father and son.

• Traditional folk dance Veeragase.

• A beautiful love story.

• Romance and comedic elements.

• Excellent performance by the cast.

• The film’s second half is more gripping.

• Neat cinematography and realistic screenplay.

• The soundtrack further enhances the film’s emotional moments.

• Good Direction.

What’s Not There?

• The film gives too much focus to drug and cigarette addiction.

• Some unconvincing scenes like the burial ground scene and the agricultural college scene.

• Weak execution.

• Minor technical glitches.


Overall, Paramvah is an impressive film. The performances by the cast and the technical aspects are a plus point for this film. Watch this film if you want to enjoy the traditional Veeragase folk dance and know the harmful effects of smoking and drugs.