Eleven directors have taken the route to experimentation in this film. The 11 filmmakers have satisfied their whimsica..

X: Past Is Present Movie Review

X: Past Is Present Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " X: Past Is Present"
Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-11-2015
Genre: Romance, Drama
2.75 / 5.0

Eleven directors have taken the route to experimentation in this film. The 11 filmmakers have satisfied their whimsical ideas by blending reality and fiction in a bizarre yet balanced manner.Well, let us get deep and see what ‘s the plot of X-Past Is Present. 


Beware guys! Your past will not leave you! You may have forgotten about your past relationship, but that will come in front of you in one way or the other. A family person (Rajat Kapoor) who is an acclaimed filmmaker (he has made 20 flicks )has ten different past with different girls; this is the essence of the story. The women in Rajat’s life have a significant contribution to what he is today. 


Odd indeed is a protagonist who does not seem to be influenced by anybody except female.
Odd indeed is a biographical account which traces the past and retains a narrative which is soaked in guilt and guilt only.
Odd indeed is a life where one can only make decisions which can trigger guilt alone.
Odd indeed is a life when one can let go  without evolution.
Odd indeed is a review where the reviewer can be exhilarated about a movie, despite complete disagreement with content.
That is precisely because, too many cooks serve a wonderful broth.

Star Performances

Rajat Kapoor’s performance as K is simply good. He is a seasoned actor and knows the nuances of filmmaking too, being a director. He has imbibed the story well and has done full justification to his role. The performances of Swara Bhaskar, Radhika Apte, Huma Qureshi and Pooja Ruparel are ok. Anshuman Jha as the younger Rajat has done a neat job.

What’s there?

1. There are certain twists in the film that you would not have expected. Especially, watch the stories of Swara Bhaskar and two strangers which will appeal to you.

2. Special thanks to Raja Sen for the wonderful Huma Querishi segment.

3. I am sure the movie would have not been possible without Sreekar Prasad and his team of editors.!!! Take a bow, guys!!!

4. Thanks to Sudish Kamath for the idea and taking to a completion.

5.    There are certain very good dialogues in the film like “Women don’t like [Salman] Rushdie for what he writes. They like him for what they cannot understand.

6. The premise of the Kolkatta episode was beautiful .

What’s not there?

1.    There are a lot of multiple plots to the film that makes it confusing.

2. The film works up a restless pace, is as non-linear as it can get. The narrative is as dispersed as the thoughts of the protagonist.


 Eleven people willing to be flexible, willing to agree to give up their points of view  to direct one finished product is an extraordinary experience. Watch it for the experimentation.