The film is primarily built upon a bizarre science fiction theme borrowing ideas from the time machine concept Though not as glitzy a movie like others in the

Shree- Twelve hours of time warp! Movie Review

Shree Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Shree"
Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-04-2013
Genre: Thriller, Sci Fi
2.75 / 5.0



The film is primarily built upon a bizarre science fiction theme, borrowing ideas from the time machine concept. Though not as glitzy a movie like others in the sci-fi genre like the Krish series, it has been developed a potentially promising idea. The film also heralds the entry to the big screen, of the director and actor duo of Rajesh Bachchan and Hussain Kuwajerwala from the domain TV serials.

Plot: Shree, the titular hero of the film, portrayed by Hussain Kuwajerwala, is a nondescript accountant in a telecom company who gets tempted to donate 12 hours of his life to get a tidy sum in return – one that would bring him a self-owned flat and the approval of his girl friend’s mother. The temptation comes his way via Randhawa, played by Rio Kapadia, a moneyed business tycoon, who has teamed up with an extraordinary scientist, and of all people, the commissioner of police. The trio believes they can change not only their own lives but also that of the rest of the world. Things, however, do not go as planned, and no sooner is Shree into his 12 hours sojourn, he realises his folly. He is soon charged with the murder of the scientist and the commissioner of police, besides a whole lot of others.

This is where the drama begins, with Shree becoming the most wanted man in the city, and needing to draw upon all his reserves of grit and brains to extract him from this terrible situation that he finds himself in. Initially, one gets the feeling that it’s a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sort of situation, but soon it turns out to be more likely a time machine type of situation with an emphasis on the future.

Review: As the film progresses, there is always an element of surprise about the subsequent happenings, with our protagonist, getting overawed with the circumstances initially, but always thinking out a bright idea to get himself out of the next tricky situation. Amidst these myriad adversities that befall Shree, he ultimately comes out trumps.

Star Performance: As one who has just entered the world of Bollywood, Hussain seems pretty composed and confident in a role that demands a host of feelings, saddled as he is in a role that has to tackle adversities. In many ways, this is a film heavily loaded on the role of the titular character, so most of the other characters except the shady trio of unscrupulous “experimenters”, do not have much space in the film. Even the heroine’s role played by Anjali Patel is largely unexplored. On overall summary once can say that the film exhibits patches of intense thrill but at crucial moments seems to lose track leading to a sense of hopes being belied. Perhaps it can be due to the weakness in the story and the screenplay, and director Bachchan cannot blame anyone for this as he himself has shouldered these two responsibilities also.

Verdict: The film is, however, a watchable one, even with its digressions into inaction, especially for those who may be looking for some newness in theme or are science fiction buffs.