Sometimes you wonder why people would invest themselves in movies with such dim-witted and daft plots This is one such time PLOT nbsp The story revolves a

Mr. White Mr. Black Movie Review

Mr. White Mr. Black Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Mr. White Mr. Black"
Runtime: 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 02-05-2008
Genre: Comedy
1.5 / 5.0

Sometimes you wonder why people would invest themselves in movies with such dim-witted and daft plots. This is one such time.


The story revolves around two men; the simple, decent Gopi ( Suniel Shetty) and the fraudster Kishan ( Arshad Warsi), whose characters are projected as Mr. White and Mr. Black respectively. Gopi’s one point mission is to hand over a piece of land to Kishan, as a fulfilment of Kishan’s father’s last wish. Kishan doesn’t care for the land, and his aim is only to earn money to educate his sister, Divya ( Mahima Mehta) through his trickster ways. He manipulates and hides true identity from his love Anuradha (Rashmi Nigum). Amidst all this, Kishan with his love for money manages to get involved in a mess with the local mobster in the case of the stolen diamond. Watching the movie will help you to figure out if “Mr White” completes his task and takes Kishan back to Hoshiarpur from Goa or if “Mr Black” outshines the mobsters in the case of diamonds.


Suniel Shetty and Arshad Warsi are just ok in their roles. The only highlight of the movie is the role of Sharath Saxena, the star performer of the movie.


The movie fails to bring out the humour it intended to. The movie takes an unnecessary deviation.  The script doesn’t do justice to the talented actors cast. 


A simple, obvious plot which could have added luster to the movie if executed well.


It’s no doubt that comedy is a very tricky and risky genre to work upon. The movie lacks the very essence of it, and the music fails to reach out to the audience which usually is the beacon which draws people to movies. 


On the whole, the movie is of a dull script and is crammed with unnecessary scenes to add flavor but fails miserably. You can notice the lack of continuity in the movie, but hey!  The review is just an opinion. You could give the movie a try only if you have 2 hours 16 minutes to lose!