ldquo Medal rdquo is the sports movie that is scripted and directed by Ganesh Kumar Mehta Muzahid Khan Indrisha Basu and Ajay Sharma are in the star cast T

Medal Movie Review

Medal Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Medal"
Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-01-2018
Genre: Drama, Sports
1 / 5.0

Medal” is the sports movie that is scripted and directed by Ganesh Kumar Mehta. Muzahid Khan, Indrisha Basu and Ajay Sharma are in the star cast. The film is produced by GK Entertainments in association with India E-Commerce Limited.


Jeethu, a Phulpur resident, is a street fighter, who finds out that he could challenge the boxers. Although he doesn’t have any coach to polish his skills, he trusts on his friend Billu, who could support him to a greater extent. Jeetu decides to go to Allahabad in a dream to become a National Champion in boxing. But, Billu aims to become a great eve teaser. Jeetu joins in a Boxing School and learns the techniques in boxing. Later, his dream comes true and he wins several matches and had been showered gold medals. He is married to Kalpana and has two kids with her. Jeetu’s daughter gets ill and for her medical treatment, Jeetu didn’t have enough money. In that situation, Jeetu comes to know that the Gold Medals are not made up of real gold. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Star Performance

The performances are not impressive and the serious sequences look hilarious.


What is the aim of the director? Is he trying to pitch the corruption in the sports system or just bring in the script to prove that the medals could not be pawned? Right from the cinematography nothing is impressive in this movie. The film is just like a TV series and doesn’t have the qualification of a feature film. The training session brings giggles. Although it released during the release of “Mukkabaz,” it couldn’t even go near the film. 

What’s There?

  • Nothing to be specified as a positive point

What’s Not There?

  • Poor sound effects
  • Poor execution
  • Poor performances


Absurd scenes, poor performances and unsynched sound effects, irritate the viewers and it is definitely not a watch worthy one!