Plot Rustam is a single dad whose life is basically making his son happy His son is interested in cricket and he is interested in becoming a cricketer Rusta

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Review

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Ferrari Ki Sawaari"
Runtime: 2 Hours 26 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 15-06-2012
Genre: Drama, Comedy
3.5 / 5.0

Plot: Rustam is a single dad whose life is basically making his son happy. His son is interested in cricket, and he is interested in becoming a cricketer. Rustam’s dad, who has already gone through the same path, feels cynical towards that idea. The old man would prefer his grandson focusing on studies. But in the field, Kayo proves his ability that he can become a star cricketer one day. Finally, he will be selected for a special camp at the Lord's. Rustam needs a lakh-and-half to send him to London. At this point of time, Rustam lends a Ferrari car that leads his life to an adventurous one.

Analysis: This movie has the kind of genuineness to it that it pulls our heartstrings. The emotions, the love between the father-son duo, the cricket dream of kayo, everything is so genuine, we can see them as our friends, which is why this movie is that good. It's because of its connectivity with the audience. The screenplay is beautifully executed. The cinematography and editing is nicely done too. The debutante director brings the much-needed humor to the script live, effortlessly. A Raju Hirani film, though not directed by him, gets its charm from him like the feel good shots of the movie, the rooting for the hero –everything.

Star Performance: Sharman Joshi plays the role of the honesty ridden, innocent father, perfectly. He melds into the role so well that you start thinking he is really the father of Kayo. The role played by Boman Irani shows off his vast acting experience, his performance is to the point and well acted. The kid, Ritvik acts well too. You keep rooting for him, throughout the movie.

What's There?

 1. Beautiful screenplay, which flows very smoothly.

 2.  An item song by Vidya Balan , that gives the film the energy quotient

What's There? 

1. Although the movie is a nice feel good movie, one major problem is that it’s beyond predictable. Everything that happens is something you know will happen. 

Verdict: A movie that will make you laugh, and cheer for the kid with dreams, a nice family movie which can be enjoyed by anyone!