This is a story about a Marathi senior citizen who is an activist and also a singer nbsp He is held responsible for the suicide of a sewage cleaner PLOT nb

Court Movie Review

Court Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Court"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-04-2015
Genre: Drama
4.25 / 5.0

This is a story about a Marathi senior citizen who is an activist and also a singer.  He is held responsible for the suicide of a sewage cleaner.


Narayan Kamble (Vira) is arrested in connection with a suicide that is in no way connected with him. According to the police officials, one of his performances in a slum invoked Pawar to end his life. The movie travels inside a courtroom through the lives of common people we witness in our daily life.Vinay, who is well-educated and a devoted lawyer takes up the case and fights against Nutan, the defence lawyer.

The plot of the movie keeps the viewers get engrossed and emotionally connected. At some instances, the plot insists how regressive is the environment that surrounds us.There also comes a scene, where the judge refuses a girl’s statement in a case because of her improper dress code.Who is to be blamed?The legal system?Our society? Or who else?


Acting lifts the plot to the next level. Gomber has delivered his role patiently and what exactly is needed with no dramatic addition.The way he gets fed up, breaking down scenes were professionally carved by him.

Kulkarni is an active middle-class woman who is more a conventional woman.She is a typical homemaker. She doesn’t care about the logic of the case.Instead, she seems disinterested and aims at getting the highest punishment for who she is fighting against.

The judge, Pradeep Joshi looks for the minute nuances and details about the case.He is a numerology follower.

These three courtroom characters delivered their performances professionally with their mannerism and acting skills.

The characters are nothing but those people whom we encounter in our daily lives. For example, we have a devoted and sincere defence lawyer who is totally a contradiction in his house.

Narayan’s character is a vulnerable one.The expression and dialogue deliveries were so innocent.His appearance complimented his performance.His looks say it all about his character in the movie.


  • The reality is delivered professionally.
  • The art direction was so natural; this is obvious in the court scenes. 
  • The locations chosen were so real that you can’t believe it’s a feature film you are watching.
  • Cinematography speaks for itself in its static and lengthy shots that were purposely used to make the scenes realistic and bring out the court feel.
  • No dramatization can be seen anywhere in the movie.No masala element.
  • With the help of dialogues and in major areas silence, the director has designed such a beautiful masterpiece.
  • It makes us take a look at the situation judges undergo in each verdict.


  • Some actors in the court scene seemed untrained.
  • The defence lawyer’s act was illogical, and his questioning seemed a bit weird.


A film with more of documentary style, with more of court scenes. It brought to light the true happenings in the life of common people outside and inside the walls of justice. A must watch movie for the entire Indian citizens in order get a clear idea about Indian judicial system and actual functioning of the court.