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Antaryatri Mahapurush (The Walking God) is a Hindi biography film released in 2022. Anil Kulchainiya is the film s director, and Kamna Kulchainiya is the film s

Antaryatri Mahapurush Movie Review

Antaryatri Mahapurush Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Written by Sushma Marella
Review for the film " Antaryatri Mahapurush"
Runtime: 02 Hour 30 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-07-2023
Genre: Biography
3 / 5.0



Antaryatri Mahapurush (The Walking God) is a Hindi biography film released in 2022. Anil Kulchainiya is the film’s director, and Kamna Kulchainiya is the film’s producer. Satish Dehra Satish Dehra is an experienced musician, singer, a >> Read More... Satish Dehra composed the music, and Gul Mohammad Ansari Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Gul Mohammad Ansari edited the film. Mahesh G Sharma is the cinematographer, and Madhav Kishan is the choreographer. The lyrics are by Sudhakar Sharma Sudhakar Sharma is an Indian lyricist and screenwr >> Read More... Sudhakar Sharma .

Vivek Anand Mishra Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anand Mishra is the leading cast in this film. Gajendra Chauhan Ganjendra Chauhan is an Indian veteran actor who i >> Read More... Gajendra Chauhan , Milind Gunaji Actor Milind Gunaji has appeared in such films lik >> Read More... Milind Gunaji , Krishna Bhatt Krishna Bhatt is an Indian television and film act >> Read More... Krishna Bhatt , Gufi Paintal Gufi Paintal is a Bollywood actor who acted in som >> Read More... Gufi Paintal , Kishori Shahane Kishori Shahane is a renowned folk and classical d >> Read More... Kishori Shahane , Shri Baldev Trehan Baldev Trehan is an Indian theatre, film and telev >> Read More... Baldev Trehan , and Vicky Hada play supporting roles.


The film is about a saint’s life. The film revolves around the life story of Digambar Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj. The film shows his life journey from childhood till he became Acharya (spiritual teacher or leader). It covers his love for family, his sports, his education, the difficulties of his life, his relationship with his parents, and his dedication to religion. The film is based on the religious book Antaryatri Mahapurush (The Walking God).

Star Performance

Vivek Mishra Vivek Mishra is a popular face among the audience >> Read More... Vivek Mishra , who played the role of Acharya, gave a fabulous performance. His dialogue delivery and expressions make the film engaging. He shows all the characteristics of a spiritual leader. His performance is very realistic.

Kishori Shahane looks decent in the role of Shrimanti. She tried her best to make the film impressive. Gajendra Chauhan and Baldev Trehan gave remarkable performances as Mallappaji and Acharya Gyansagar.

Acharya Gyansagar, Sudhakar Sharma, Vicky Hada, and the rest of the supporting cast gave good performances.


The film’s poster came on the 50th anniversary of Acharyashri Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj. He is a great source of inspiration for a perfect existence. He is the supreme saint in Jainism. It is the first Jainism film which is according to the regulations of Jain intellectuals and Jain priests.

The choreography and the lyrics are very appealing to the viewers. The performance by the cast of this film is remarkable. However, the film has weak editing. Some scenes could be edited more tightly.

What’s There?

• Life story of Digambar Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj.

• Religious elements.

• It is based on the guidelines of Jain priests.

• Good lyrics and choreography.

• Neat camera work.

• Fantastic performance by Vivek Anand Mishra.

What’s Not There?

• Weak editing.

• The film is only for a particular section of society.

• Minor flaws.


All in all, Antaryatri Mahapurush is an interesting religious film. It inspires the viewers very much. Devotees of Acharya Shri and religious Hindus will love this film.