Tamara Drewe is a comedy movie starring Gemma Arterton Dominic Cooper Luke Evans Tamsin Grieg in main roles Plot Tamara Drewe Gemma returns to her villag

Tamara Drewe Movie Review

Tamara Drewe Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Tamara Drewe"
Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-07-2010
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
3 / 5.0



Tamara Drewe Click to look into! >> Read More... is a comedy movie starring Gemma Arterton Gemma Arterton is a well-known actress and model f >> Read More... , Dominic Cooper Dominic Cooper was born on 2nd June 1978 in London >> Read More... , Luke Evans He is one of the sexiest men alive ever pronounced >> Read More... , Tamsin Grieg in main roles.

Plot: Tamara Drewe(Gemma) returns to her village Ewedown after she becomes a successful journalist only to sell her mother’s house in which she grew as she is deceased now. Earlier Tamara was an unattractive girl with a big nose and so was not that of bomb but still Andy (Luke Evans) used to think about her. Now she is back, better than ever with a new nose thanks to rhinoplasty. She starts getting attention from all the boys who earlier used to ignore her making her the most coveted girl in town. Nicholas, who is a crime novelist takes a liking into her and sparks an affair with Tamara who is already having one with the rock band drummer Ben (Dominic Cooper). Meanwhile, she asks Andy to devise new methods to renovate her mother’s house so that she can sell it.

He comes to know about her two affairs too which is also known to two girls Jody and Casey who grow jealous of Tamara. Jody is attracted to Ben and so when he leaves town after shredding off his affair with Tamara, She lures him back to town using some cunning plans, but she is given sound thrashings on her heart when Ben discovers the reality. Meanwhile, Nicholas gets killed by a stampede of cows, reasons unknown. Meanwhile, Ben’s best friend Glen gets infatuated with Jody and expresses his feelings towards her but she cryptically answers him stating to vouch for her when she needs his help. Meanwhile Tamara and Andy grow close towards each other and realizing that they have truly fallen for each other. In the conclusion Tamara decides to settle down once and for all in Ewedown.

Analysis: Boy I love Tamara! Who would not fall for the beautiful, sassy Tamara Drewe after watching this movie? To be honest, I am a big fan of Gemma Arterton when it comes to delicate acting. She is so good at it, making you understand the word “Infatuation at first sight if not love”. Returning to the movie, it has share of Ups and Downs, Hits being the crowd that come after Tamara, that is the other characters which prove to be supporting and strengthening the movie when it is least expected. Fails, well again the crowd is up for it, as these people again single-handedly bring down the energy of the movie. Cinematography is country-like and screenplay is diverse in emotions and attitude. The best part of this movie is the comedies that spring up at least expected hours which makes it worth watching.

Star Performances: Gemma is the sweetheart of this movie. Although many good actors like Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper are there to support her and eventually perform well too, It is only Gemma, She is the “Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison sang about( Google it guys if you did not get it), with her exceptional beauty and acting skills she takes the center-stage here.

What's There?

• Usual love affairs but interesting ones with a tinge of comedy thrown into it.

• Simple cinematography and nice screenplay which is relaxing to watch.

• Impressie performances by Gemma, Luke, Dominic.

What's not There?

• Though the plot is not complex it should have been a little tricky so that it adds more of drama.

• Story sometimes focuses more on the Titular character than what is required.

Verdict: Watch Tamara Drewe if you miss thos e old romantic comedies, This one will surely not disappoint as it has everything you need: Comedy, Affairs, True Love and Gemma Arteton.