Top 10 Marathi Web Series In 2022

Top 10 Marathi Web Series In 2022 Marathi Article

The flood of amusing Marathi web series has swept the OTT platforms by surprise, with 83 million people in India speaking Marathi as their first language. One of the most advanced subgenres of regional media in India, alongside English and Hindi web series, is Marathi. There are some mind-blowing local web series that are worth bingeing. The best aspects of Marathi tradition, heritage, and social life have been incorporated into brilliantly written stories by the series' writers. Finding the appropriate list of local web series is all that is required. You must watch the incredible shows Nettv4u has listed here. Stories from all genres, including romance, historical drama, family drama, excitement, and more, can be found here. These ten fascinating shows are available to binge-watch on well-known OTT apps, to which you may already have a subscription.

1. Moving Out

"Moving Out" depicts the tale of a young urban girl who wishes to live alone and with a life full of independence, free from any limits set by her parents. Her parents, however, strongly reject this idea. One night, the girl sneaks out of the house and heads to Mumbai to live by herself. Her life radically changes when she falls in love with a Muslim surgeon, Saif. You can binge-watch the Marathi web series "Moving Out" on the official YouTube channel of Reverb Katta.


2. Shala

Shala is a Marathi web series that brings you back to your school days by focusing on the lives of students. The narrative also focuses on love, friendship, and the various difficulties that young people confront and how they overcome them. Synergy Productions has uploaded the Marathi web series "Shala" to its YouTube channel.

3. Bhadkhau

Santya, the protagonist of the story, is given multiple notes totaling Rs. 500 that are written with the word Bhadkhau. Santya is concerned that since he got the note before leaving for his honeymoon, Santya may have caused the honeymoon to be postponed. After the incident, Santya decides to find the person who wrote the note. The web series Bhadkhau is available to watch on PrimeFlix.


4. Samantar

The protagonist of Samantar, a popular Marathi web series, is a young man named Kumar Mahajan who is dissatisfied with both his personal and professional lives. He goes to a Swami in search of a solution. There, he learns about Sudarshan Chakrapani, a man who had a similar existence to him. Kumar decides to travel in search of Sudarshan to alter his life and fate. Samantar, a web series starring Swapnil Joshi Swapnil Joshi is an Indian television and TV actor >> Read More... Swapnil Joshi , is available on MX Players.


5. Kaale Dhande Story coming soon... >> Read More... Kaale Dhande

In the web series "Kaale Dhande", a young photographer named Vicky has his life entirely turned around after his uncle discovers him engaging in PDA with a woman. Vicky feels determined to put things in order after being revealed to the family by his uncle, but in the process, he gets himself into an even worse situation. Watch this amusing web series on ZEE5.


6. Pandu

The daily activities of a Mumbai police officer are highlighted in this Marathi web series. Pandu, the protagonist of the narrative, is a straightforward man and a police officer who seeks to reveal the true faces of the police by removing the mask of the force. On MX Player, you can watch the Pandu web series.


7. Once A Year

This romantic comedy and drama Marathi web series focuses on a couple who, although being together for more than six years, are undecided about taking their relationship to the next level and getting married. Once a Year is also available on MX Player.


8. High Time

High Time, one of the most popular Marathi web series, offers a compelling story that follows the friendship of four friends as they overcome obstacles and disappointments together while making promises to never give up and never leave one another. This connection grows stronger every day. Streamable on YouTube, this series is perfect for binge-watching.


9. Liftman

The narrative describes how kind the elevator operator is to the residents of the apartment, who make up the story's primary characters. An elevator operator's daily tasks are the subject of this amusing Marathi web series. If you want to laugh so hard it hurts, watch this series on ZEE5.

10. Safe Journeys

The storyline of the miniseries is about a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl living together in America as the boy works in a call centre and the girl works for a business. The girl's father, as was to be predicted, is not happy with their interfaith relationship and consults an astrologer who informs him that the guy is unfaithful to the girl. The girl ignores her father's warnings despite being forewarned. You can watch Safe Journeys on YouTube.