Top 10 Marathi Films Of Atul Kulkarni

Top 10 Marathi Films Of Atul Kulkarni Marathi Article

Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni was born in the year 1965 in Karnata >> Read More... Atul Kulkarni is one of this generation's most famous actors, as we are all aware. He has been in many movies and television shows in many languages throughout his career. He has won several honors, with the National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards for his work in Hey Ram Click to look into! >> Read More... Hey Ram (2000) and Chandni Bar among his most prominent achievements (2001). His debut film was Bhoomi Geetha in 1997, and his most recent film was Laal Singh Chaddha in 2022. Over 20 years, he has been in nearly 80 films, and we have tried to select the best ten.

1. Popat

The movie Popat is about many creative friends who want to produce a film for AIDS awareness. This movie is a must-watch for Atul's fans because Atul played the role of Janardhan, also known as Janya, who films marriage videos. It is one of the best examples of how creative and brilliant Atul is, and the best part is when he quickly changes from understating the character to acting out loud.


2. Premachi Goshta

is the director of the film Premachi Goshta, which focuses on the story of a man and a woman who are both stressed after a failed marriage, and how they overcome this to move forward. Many critics have appreciated Atul for his performance in this film as Ram, the main character, and this is one of his most reliable performances throughout his acting career.

3. Devrai

Sunil Sukthankar Sunil Sukthankar was born on May 31, 1966, in Kara >> Read More... Sunil Sukthankar and are the directors of the film Devrai. People who watched this widely popular Marathi film are aware of the difficulties a person with schizophrenia faces and how brilliantly Atul played Shesh, a disturbed man who cannot navigate between reality and an illusion.


4. Rajwade And Sons

"Rajwade and Sons" is a family drama film released in 2015 in Marathi and directed by . A group of cousins struggles against the traditions of their family and the limitations imposed by their grandfather while working to create different futures for themselves.


5. Valu

Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni is a director predominantly >> Read More... Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni is the director of the 2008 Indian comedy-drama Valu. The film was shown at several international film festivals under the title "The Wild Bull." Additionally, it was the first Marathi movie chosen for the 2008 Rotterdam International Film Festival in the Netherlands.


6. Happy Journey Click to look into! >> Read More... Happy Journey

The beauty of this film should be known to anyone who has siblings. In the Sachin Kundalkar film Happy Journey, Atul plays the role of Niranjan, one of the siblings, in a story of a brother who misses his sister after she dies. If you enjoy comedic films about brothers and are a fan of Atul, you must watch this film.


7. Natarang

A man who has lost his job tries to start a theatre group in the Ravi Jadhav-directed film Natarang to support himself. Atul played the role of Gunavantrao Kagalkar, a man fully dedicated to his profession. Guna had always imagined playing the role of a king, but due to a circumstance, he is forced to play a role that changes his life forever.


8. Vastupurush

The National Film Development Corporation of India produced the 2002 Indian Marathi film Vastupurush: The Guardian Spirit of the House, which was directed by the team of Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar. Bhaskar overcomes his financial hardship and devotes himself to helping the underprivileged because his mother is convinced that their ancestors were cursed by the Vastupurush for harming people from lower castes. The film won many awards when it was initially shown, including Best Feature Film in Marathi at the 50th National Film Awards.


9. Dahavi Fa

Atul Kulkarni, Jyoti Subhash Jyoti Subhash is a veteran Indian actress who prim >> Read More... Jyoti Subhash , and Milind Gunaji Actor Milind Gunaji has appeared in such films lik >> Read More... Milind Gunaji played the lead roles in "Dahavi Pha," which refers to the "10th standard-F division" and was directed by Sunil Sukthankar and Sumitra Bhave. The setting of the film is a school where students are divided into groups based on their exam results. In the narrative, a teacher opposes this approach and calls on everyone to treat the students equally. Atul won appreciation for his powerful portrayal of the professor responsible for this healthy change.

10. Maati Maay

Chitra Palekar's Marathi social drama film Maati Maay, starring Atul Kulkarni as Narsu, is based on the Bengali author Mahasweta Devi's story Baayen. On March 17, 2007, Dnya Films announced the release of this film. Nandita Das Nandita Das is an actress and director extremely p >> Read More... Nandita Das made her Marathi film debut with this, and in 2007 she won the best actress award at the Maharashtra State Film Awards.