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Other names of Zeba Bakhtiar: Zeba Bakhtiyar
Urdu Movie Actress Zeba Bakhtiar
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Zeba Bakhtiar was born 5th November 1962 to Yahya and Sylvia Bakhtiar. She is a known face in Pakistani movies and television shows. She took her education from Kinnaird College for Women. She is mostly known for her appearance in Pakistan’s TV drama Anarkali. Zeba also acted in a movie named Sargam in the year 1965 which won her the Nigar Award which is a fairly prestigious award in Pakistan.

Zeba is known to be one of the first Pakistani actress who took a huge step to come out of her country in order to work for an Indian movie. She was seen in the movie Henna which came out in the year 1991, a film under the Raj Kapoor Rajkapoor is a film maker and movie director from >> Read More... banner directed by Randhir Kapoor Randhir Kapoor was born on the 15th of February 19 >> Read More... . Her part in the movie became widely popular and gained her a lot of appreciation.

She is believed to have been married 5 times. Her first husband was Salman Valliani whom she married in the year 1982. They got separated and then she tied knots with another man whose name is unknown. They had a daughter together who was named Bobby. Zeba’s sister adopted this baby.

She was then married to Javed Jaffrey in 1989. Their relationship fell apart soon after, in the year 1990. Zeba however refuses any relations with Javed. Although Javed has presented a marriage certificate in the Indian court thereby confirming their marriage. Zeba then came in the limelight with because of her marrying a singer and music composer Adnan Sami Adnan was born on august 15,1973. He is keenly int >> Read More... in 1993. They have a son named Azan. They fell apart part in the year 1997. They made to the headlines due to their issues regarding the custody of their son. She also married another man named Sohail Khan Leghari and they got divorced too.

Zeba and her son Azan have together produced a movie named O21.


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