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Urdu Movie Actress Niggo
  • Date of death: 05-01-1972
  • Gender : Female
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Niggo was a well-known Pakistani cinema actress and traditional dancer. In the 1960s, she mostly worked on Punjabi and Urdu films. Niggo was from the red-light area of Lahore. She was born there in a modest home. Niggo, like many other women in the red-light district, was a traditional dancer who supported herself. The red light district was Pakistani filmmakers' first option for finding talented girls for their films. Girls would frequently enter Lollywood and go on to become great actresses. In the same way, Niggo's career in the film business began. Her dance abilities wowed Punjabi directors, and she swiftly rose to prominence. She was frequently the first pick for the Mujra dance part in films due to her remarkable dancing abilities. Ishrat, her debut film, was released in 1964.

Niggo appeared in over a hundred films in all. For most films, she was the top item girl. Niggo fell in love with the film's producer Khawaja Mazhar while filming Qasu in 1972. The pair married during this time. Niggo's marriage was frowned upon by her relatives back home. No female from the red-light area may marry without her family being monetarily paid, according to traditional Shahi Mohalla norms. Niggo's family attempted to reunite with their daughter, but she refused. Niggo's mother emotionally coerced her daughter to see her one final time in order to get her back home. Niggo went to see her relatives but was persuaded not to leave. While her husband tried to persuade Niggo to return, Niggo refused to return to her husband's house due to family pressure.

On January 5, 1972, she was murdered at her Lahore home. After failing to persuade her to come home, her husband became enraged and drove to the red-light district, where he opened fire on Niggo at her mother's house. The event also claimed the lives of Niggo's uncle and two musicians. In a public trial, the court condemned Niggo's husband to life in prison. The killer died of natural causes and was buried in Gujranwala, his hometown. She was put to rest in Lahore's Miani Sahib Graveyard.


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