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Other names of Jahanara Hai: Jahan Ara Hayi
Urdu Movie Actress Jahanara Hai
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Jahanara Hai is a Pakistani actress who has worked in several reality shows and films. On 23 December 1939, she was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She started her acting career in the 1960s. She is famously known for her roles in Zard Mausam Zard Mausam is a Pakistani drama serial that aired >> Read More... , Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se, Mehndi, Aik Thi Misaal Pakistani drama series based on the novel of Rukhs >> Read More... , etc. In 2012, she appeared in the TV series Zard Mausam. Aabis Raza Aabis Raza is a Pakistani television Drama Directo >> Read More... directed the serial, and Rahat Jabeen Rahat Jabeen is a famous Urdu novelist from India. >> Read More... wrote the storyline for the film. Momina Duraid   A phenomenal producer and a brilliant director, >> Read More... produced the serial, and it starred Sania Saeed For the Karachi born Pakistani TV actress Sania Sa >> Read More... , Faisal Rehman Faisal Rehman or better known by his stage name Fa >> Read More... , Ayeza Khan Ayeza Khan was born on January 15, 1991 in Karachi >> Read More... , Sajida Syed Sajida Syed is a beautiful renowned Pakistani actr >> Read More... , Mohib Mirza Mohib Mirza is an actor from Pakistan known for ho >> Read More... , etc. Shabi composed the soundtracks for the series. The series story revolves around Aiman. A young girl was forced to get married to a guy who was much older than her. She was asked to marry her father's colleague even though she loved another guy named Tahir. But, the situation takes a turn when a guy named Shahmir enters her life. 

In 2013, she got featured in the TV series Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se. Farooq Rind directed the show, and Nadia Akhtar wrote the storyline for the series. Momina Duraid produced the series under Momina Duraid Productions, and it starred Sohai Ali Abro, Yumna Zaidi, and Ali Rehman Khan. Khizar Idrees Baig composed music for the series. The series story revolves around two sisters, Gaiti and Kiran. The duo shares a close bond and has a beautiful family. But their father is extremely strict. He doesn't like his daughter to do not-so-right things like dancing, singing, watching TV, etc. But, Gaiti has a rebelling nature. On the day of her nikah, she ran away from home to audition for the singing reality TV show. And, to save the family from embarrassment, the mother made Kiran sit in Gaiti's place. The serial continues to portray the tragedy between the trio.

In 2003, she appeared in the Pakistani serial Mehndi. Muhammad Javed Fazil directed the serial. And Seema Ghazal wrote the storyline for the film. Jergees Seja and Shamim Khursheed produced the serial, and it starred Aamina Haq, Humayun Saeed, Ayesha Khan, Amna Hussain, Fiza Ali, etc. Waqar Ali composed music for the series, and its story revolves around the life of four young women. Each of them struggles with their own married life. Laiba and Aahad, the first couple, although they had a love marriage, they are still immature to handle their relationship. Malaika and Taha, the second couple, Taha is financially weak and wants help from his father-in-law. Alishba and her husband's condition are even worse. They had an arranged marriage, and after the ceremony, she found out that her husband( Rameez) loved another girl. But he was forced to marry her. Sajjal and Shahzaib are the most relieving couple, they are mature, loveable, and understanding, But the tables turn when they find out that Shahzaib has cancer.

Another Version of the Bio...

Jahanara Hai is a Pakistani actress. She is recognised for her performances in the dramas Mere Hamdam, Aatish, Ek Hi Bhool Ek Hi Bhool (Just One Mistake) is a Pakistani soap >> Read More... , and Mehndi. She was born on December 23, 1939, in Karachi, Pakistan. She graduated from the University of Karachi. In the 1960s, she began her acting career. She made an appearance on PTV dramas Zard Mausam, Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se, Mehndi, Aik Thi Misaal, Dil-e-Beqarar, Maikay Ki Yaad Na Aaye, Mere Humdum Mere Humdum is a Pakistani serial that premiered o >> Read More... , and Khalish are among the dramas for which she is well-known. Additionally, she was in the movie Lala Begum. She is married to Farooq and has a son with him.


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