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Allauddin’s full name is Allauddin Butt. He was a Pakistani actor who mainly worked in Pakistani Lollywood movies. He was born on February 2, 1920. Allauddin’s place of birth is Rawalpindi in Punjab, British India (now in Punjab, Pakistan). He took his cearly education at a Government School in Rawalpindi. He belonged to a Kashmiri family. He had seven children, three sons and four daughters. He lost his two sons in an accident and one son died in coma. His father, Ferozuddin Butt, was one of the reputed middle class families in Rawalpindi.He had a younger brother named Riaz Ahmad Raju, a film director, who was active in the Pakistani film industry from the 1960s to 1980s. Also, Allauddin was the mentor of Riaz Ahmad Raju. Initially, he wished to become a singer, and trained as a musician under the Ustad Alla Rakha in Bombay, who was the noted table player.

Then, he met A. R. Kardar, the veteran director & producer in Bombay, who was originally from Lahore. A. R. Kardar encouraged Allauddin to try his luck in the film world and introduced him to a few film personalities. When he turned his career in acting, he was counted among the very few Pakistani film actors, who mostly starred as a villain, comedian, and some time as a lead actor in his films. Therefore, his film career had spanned almost four decades. In 1940, he appeared in a minor role as a singer in the Bollywood film “Prem Nagar.” Following this, he appeared in the Punjabi language film “Kurmai” in 1941. He rose to popularity after he performed diverse role in many films. He featured as the anti-hero of “Neend” (1959), the loveable uncle from “Banjaran” (1962), the shepherd who stood against the British in “Farangi” (1964), and the rebel in “YehAman” (1971), which shows his versatility.

In his early acting days, he mostly performed the role of a villain. By the 1960s, he got his first lead role in Ashfaq Malik’s film “Salma” (1960). Then, he appeared regularly in Hasan Tariq’s films (Banjaran, Phannay Khan, Yateem), and Khalil Qaisar’s films (Shaheed, MaaBaap, Farangi). Allauddin’s last released film was “Dushmani” in 1990. Since 1957, Allauddin won seven Nigar Awards for Best Supporting Actor nearly every year till 1968. Also, he won the Special Award from Nigar Awards for Badnaam (1966 film). He also honored with the President of Pakistan’s civil award Pride of Performance. Allauddin lived for sixty-three years. He died on 13th May 1983 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He then remembered for his performances in few of the songs from his films.


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