Jass Bajwa Punjabi Actor

Jass Bajwa was also known by his real name Jaspreet Singh Bajwa is a popular Indian-Punjabi singer, actor, and songwriter. He was born on 25th June 1988 in a small village of Heran in Ludhiana Punjab. He did his graduation from DAV college and followed his passion from thereon. He has always been into singing and wanted to do something in this field. His career in the music industry started in September 2014 with his album Chakvi Mandeer. He got a lot of love and recognition for this album and gained fame soon after. His love and passion for music have made him come a long way. 

After his debut album of Chakvi Mandeer, he released several singles and raised to fame for those. His songs started to gain immense popularity and so did he. Some of his singles include Feem Di Dalli, Kismat, Tolla, Don’t Judge Me, and Tera Time. These singles received love from all over India. In the year 2015, his second album came out and was a hit. The name of this album was Jatt Sauda. His amazing voice gained him several fan followings and he got many amazing opportunities coming on his way. His songs were mainly labeled by crown records and speed records. His other albums include Urban Zimidar, Jatt Sauda, and Jatt Nation. Some of his singles include Nose Pin, Dil De Raaje, Butterfly, Excuse Me, Scorpio, Jinni Sohni, Jhooth Bolda, Jatta Ik Tere Karke, 2 Number, and many more.

After building a successful career in music and songs, he tried his luck in acting where he excelled as well. His talent has brought about significant changes in his life. In the year 2017, he got a role in a Punjabi comedy movie named Thug Life Click to look into! >> Read More... Thug Life . He played the character of Jass in this film. The movie revolves around four friends who while trying to scam rich men, get mistakenly recognized as terrorists. In a fun way, this movie brings out the thrill in the audience’s mind. The other films of Jass, include Doorbeen in 2019 where he played the role of a police officer and a yet-to-be-released film named Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya. His roles in these films have been amazing and he continues to grow and becomes better with every passing day. He has achieved a lot at a young age and will continue to do so in the future.