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Wangaan Punjabi TV SERIALS on  PTC Punjabi
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Wangaan is a Punjabi TV drama series on PTC Punjabi TV. The TV launched on 16 January 2022 and aired fresh episodes Monday to Friday at 07:30 PM. Wangaan is the story of Ravi, a resilient young girl who confronts numerous challenges in her life. Despite these adversities, she harbors ambitious dreams and aspires to marry a well- mannered and respectful young man. The narrative revolves around Ravi's journey, highlighting her determination to overcome difficulties while holding onto her aspirations for a better future, particularly her desire for a harmonious and respectful marriage. The story delves into the complexities of Ravi's experiences and her unwavering optimism in life's hardships.



Jaswant Singh Punjabi Comedian
DOB: 1 January 1987
Jaswant Singh
Sonam Bajwa Punjabi Movie Actress
DOB: 16 August 1989
Sonam Bajwa
Diljit Dosanjh Punjabi Singer
DOB: 6 January 1984
Diljit Dosanjh
Satinder Sartaaj Punjabi Singer
DOB: 18 May 1982
Satinder Sartaaj
Parmish Verma Punjabi Singer
DOB: 3 July 1990
Parmish Verma