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Sanjivani Sathe

Other names of Sanjivani Sathe: Sanjeevani Sathe
Sanjivani Sathe Marathi Actress

Groom by directors like Firoz Bhagat, Suresh Rajda, Vipul Mehta Vipul Mehta is an Indian singer born on 28 July 19 >> Read More... , Umesh Shukla Umesh Shukla is an Indian actor, writer, dialogue >> Read More... , and Imtiaz Patel Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Sanjivani Sathe has become a well-known substance actor. She is famous for her Marathi show, the television series “Aga Bai Sasu Bai” (2019), with actors like Tajashri Pradhan, Ashutosh Patki   The 32-year-old Marathi heart-throb and actor A >> Read More... , etc. She is a native of of Pune and though her mother tongue is Marathi, she used to do Gujarati dramas prior to “Aga Bai Sasu Bai”, making it her Marathi debut.

Her Gujarati drama “Viral Fever” was well received and she left quite an impression on the fans through her first ever Marathi television series. Despite the negative role of her character, she remains in the minds and hearts of the audience due to her phenomenal acting skills.