Leekha Mukund is an Indian actress most known for her roles in Marathi television shows. She rose to prominence after appearing in the Marathi series Manseecha Chitrkar Toh, where she played Tejaswani's mother. She starred in another Marathi series, "Athithi Devo Bhava" (2016), which enabled her to gain popularity.

She received her education from Rhodes Wellness College and currently works in Vancouver, British Columbia as an NLP master practitioner and Gestalt therapist. She has worked with mentally challenged children and their parents to help them create positive relationships. She is a storyteller; it allows her to enter a problem, evaluate and throw forth potential answers, and then leave them to begin their trip independently. She also engages in corporate training with enjoyable games and networking to create a cheerful, fun-loving work environment. She appears to have left the entertainment industry and is now pursuing a career as a counselor.