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Marathi Editor Siddhesh More
  • Gender : Male
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Siddhesh More is a talented editor and cinematographer from the Marathi film industry. He worked as a cinematographer in Netflix Production. He has been working as a Director of Photography in the Marathi film industry since 2016. He has also been working as a cinematographer in Amazon since 2019. His notable work as an editor includes Nanda Devi in 2015, the music video Azaad Hu in 2017, Baiyko in 2017, Upekshit in 2011, the short film Savay in 2018, Aafreen ft Raymann Rayy Raymann Rayy is an Indian actor, director, produce >> Read More... in 2019, Babo in 2019, Hirvee in 2021, Rangiley Funter in 2023 and many more. His notable work as a cinematographer is Bayko in 2017, video Upekshit in 201, short film Savay in 2018, short film Daptar in 2017, Tula Pan Bashing Bhandhaychay in 2018, short film Dhumrapan in 2020, Hirvee in 2021, Dil-E Couch in 2021, short film Daptar and many more.


Born: 20 May 1991

Age Now 33

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