F.M Ilyas, is a prominent Marathi director who was born in Khed, Ratnagiri district and brought up in Kalwa, located in Thane district, in Maharashtra. Schooled at Kalwa-Thane, he later joined Akbar Peerbhoy College to complete higher secondary education. He graduated with his area of study being interior design and later on worked together with his brother to offer his decoration services for various festive occasions. However, F.M Ilyas always had his heart set for his passion of working in the film industry. He set on taking many small odd jobs while his heart was set on making it in the cinema industry. This zeal for cinema made him launch his own entertainment company, Cinematics.

His zeal for cinema had been a childhood fantasy. He always dreamt of being a writer and director which was inspired from his school teacher, Qasim Shaikh, a classical music enthusiast, an English Literature lover and a Hollywood film buff. He is best known as a film director. He has so far directed two movies Arjun (2011) and a biopic feature film Bhai Kotwal (2015). Arjun's plot dealt with the story of the intricacies of the life of a middle-class businessman stuck between a power tussle between two businessmen. Bhai Kotwal was based on the life of social reformer and militant freedom fighter from Karjat, Maharashtra.

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F.M. Ilyas, a Screenwriter, Indian film director, and producer, was born in Kalwa. His father worked in Mumbai Port Trust. He completed his higher Secondary education Studies at Akbar Peerbhoy College. He had done a course in interior design and worked with his brother in decoration services in events like festivals, programs, and marriage functions. Later, he started his own entertainment company, named Cinematics. Creating their own entertainment company is his dream. His first film is Arjun. His films are Arjun and Bhai Kotwal. Qasim Shaikh is his school teacher. Qasim encouraged F.M. Ilyas to start his career in cinema.