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Marathi Director Ajay Mayekar
  • Gender : Male

Ajay Mayekar is a Marathi director predominantly working in the Marathi television industry. He has also directed several movies in the Marathi movie industry. Ajay has been working in the television industry for several years now. He is a well-known name among Marathi television serial lovers for his successful works in the industry to date. “Chatriwaali” in Star Pravah is a famous serial directed by Ajay. This serial revolves around the love story between a rich brat and an upright girl. The series had Namrata Pradhan Namrata Pradhan is a Marathi actress born in 1993. >> Read More... and Sanket Pathak Sanket Pathak is a popular Marathi actor. He has d >> Read More... playing the central character. The Marathi audience immensely appreciated this serial for the way it was delivered.

Ajay has also directed the critically acclaimed Marathi serial “ Kamala Click to look into! >> Read More... .” This serial was based on a movie released in 1985 starring “Shabana Azmi." Kamala was initially a play written by the famous writer “Vijay Tendulkar." The serial Kamala was a massive hit among the audience for its gripping storyline. It revolves around the true story of women given up for the flesh trade and how a journalist exposes the nasty business and rescues her. This serial raised many questions among the audience about the topics that plague women of this generation.” The movie and the serial ended being a big-time hit.

Ajay has directed “Aggabai Sasubai” and “Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla” in Zee Marathi. Aggabai Sasubai is a serial based on a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law bond with more than 400 episodes. This feel-good drama has fetched several awards for his direction. Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla is a serial telecasted in the year 2021. This serial shows how a mother-in-law helps her daughter-in-law to lose weight by giving constant encouragement and motivation.

Every serial directed by Ajay had a strong message delivered to the audience, especially to women. He has established a name for himself in the industry with his tremendous contribution to the Marathi television industry. Ajay was the recipient of several awards and accolades from the Zee Marathi awards for his direction.


Born: 3 March 1997

Age Now 27

Payal Patil - (Actress)


Born: 2 March 1975

Age Now 49

Vitthal Patil - (Choreographer)

Born: 2 March 1969

Age Now 55

Sunil Agresar - (Director)

Born: 1 March 1947

Age Now 77

Bashir Momin Kavathekar - (Poet)

Born: 1 March 1904

Age Now 120

Ilahi Jamadar - (Lyricist)