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Malayalam Director Babu Narayanan
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Babu Narayanan is a Malayalam movie director. He was born in 1959 in Calicut. His father’s name is Narayana Pisharody, and his mother’s name is Devaki Pisharasiar. He directed several movies in the late 90s. His wife’s name is Jyothi, and they got blessed with two children. Anagha, in 1989, was his first movie. Anil Babu and Narayanan worked together in several movies. Ponnaranjaanam, Ponnaramthottathe Raajaavu, Mantrikacheppu, Welcome to Kodaikanal, Injakkadan Mathai & Sons, Street, Harbour, Kaliyoonjal, Uthaman, Valkannadi, Kusruthi, Prayam are some of the hit movies directed by him. After directing Prayam in 2004, he took a break and spent his time with his family. In the year 2013, he made a return to the industry and directed To Noora with Love. Babu Narayanan died on 29 June 2019 due to cancer. 


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