Birthday: 06-08-1980
Age: 38
Star sign: Virgo

Samidha Guru is a Marathi theatre, film and television actress. She was born on August 6, 1980. She is from Nagpur. She made her acting debut on television through the famous TV show Soniyacha Umbar. She has featured in many other epic TV shows such as Jivalaga, Zunj, Ya Valanavar, Devyani, Gandha Fulancha Gela Sangun, Tuz Vin Sakhya Re, Kamala, Tujvin Sakhya Re. She has been awarded with Maharashtra State's Best Actress Award for the Movie Kapuskondyachi Gosht which was released in 2014. She has a family background which was prominent in dancing, writing, and acting. Apart from the TV shows and movie industry, she has also performed multiple stage shows in Nagpur, for which she was awarded with silver medals in most of the shows.

Her father Suresh Deshpande was a very famous writer and director of many super hit Marathi plays & films. Her mother Meena Deshpande is an excellent and wonderful kathak alankar, dance teacher & and excellent theatre actress. Her sister Mrunal Deshpande is a Kathak Visharad and a known actress. She was married with with Abhijit Guru who is a well known and famous writer, actor and a wonderful director. She also has a sister with the name of Mrunal Deshpande She got married in July in the year 2015.She is going to appear in the upcoming movie Bhir Bhir. She has also been a part of movies such as Laal ishq released in 2016, Panhala released in 2015, Kapuskondyachi Gosht released in 2014, Majha Mee released in 2014, Dhating Dhingana released in 2014, Tukaram released in 2013, Kaydyaach Bola released in 2010.

Her best stage appearances are from Get well Soon and Talyat Malyat. The list of her famous TV shows includes Crime Petrol, Kamla, Devyani, Gandha Fulancha Gela Sangun, Ghe Bharari, vilakshan, Ya Valanavar, Jivalaga, Zunj, Avaghachi Sansar, Soniyacha Umbara, Gane Tumche Aamche. List of her awards includes - Best Actress for Movie ‘Kapuskondyachi Gosht’ by Maharashtra State Awards in 2014, Best Actress for Movie ‘Kapuskondyachi Gosht’ by MaTa Sanman in 2017, Best Actress for Movie ‘Kapuskondyachi Gosht’ by Chitrapat Padarpan Awards in 2017, Best Actress for play ‘Get Well Soon’ by MMW Gaurav Awards in 2014. She has also been nominated multiple times for her performance in TV, theater, and movies. She is active on social media and you can contact her on her official handles.