Shrikant Soni

Other names of Shrikant Soni: Shreekant Soni
Shrikant Soni Hindi Actor
There is no end to the contribution of Shrikant Soni on Indian television and films. Having started at an early age, this veteran actor has come a long way in this field of work. His earliest project dates back to 1972 where he worked in Naag Panchami. His role had received critical acclaim here. His subsequent ventures include Har Har Gange in 1979, Bhagat Gora Kumbhar in 1981 to Bhagwan Shri Krishna, four years later in 1985.
But that is not enough. In between he worked on a number of projects which have given him some great experiences. One such example is his work in Bhadar Tara Vehata Paani in 1976.
On the small screen his talent was exposed to the world with his show “Humari Devrani”. This 2008 premiere on Star Plus went on to become one of the longest running Indian soaps. This aired for 951 episodes! This is quite a feat! This series revolved around the story of a poor Gujarati girl who was considered to be very unlucky for the people around her. Even her mother had passed away while giving birth to her. How she manages to live in this society is what is portrayed in the soap. This serial established Shrikant Soni as one of the experienced senior artists in the industry. He is able to stand out with his performance even when the project deals with an ensemble cast. It is these standout performances that have got him all the success in his career and his fans want to see more of his work on a regular basis.