Shail Chaturvedi Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 29-06-1936
  • Date of death: 29-10-2007
  • Star Sign : Cancer

Considered as one of the legends in Indian entertainment industry, Shail Chaturvedi was born on June 29, 1936. He was a Poet, humorist, lyricist and an actor. He was a professor at Allahabad University, and as he loved to write, he used to take part in poetry gatherings in the city. Soon because of the way he used to write, he got popular among the local people and soon people came from different places just to hear his poetry especially for his political satire in the 70’s. He was given a show to run in a state-run TV channel, where he used to share his poetry with people.

Slowly he started to receive offers from Bollywood, and he wrote a long list of movies in his career. He was also cast in a number of television serials, and that’s the reason people call him, the legend of both industries.In his spare time, he used to write poetries. One of his coworkers said, “ He was so talented that, he easily used to write poetry from a daily useless conversation, and that is why being around him was always fun, as he used to say quotes and jokes quite a lot.” 

He died on October 29, 2007, after suffering from chronic renal failure for some time. He was married and had three children.