Navdeesh Arora is a model and reality show personality who shot to fame with his performance in the Roadies X4. Navdeesh was born on August 20, 1994. He was born in the city of Jalandhar, in the state of Punjab. With a modest family background, he completed his schooling and college in Jalandhar.

He received a degree in civil engineering from the Mehr Chand College in Jalandhar. Navdeesh Arora was born to Gulshan Arora and Veena Arora. Though he wasn’t a studious kid he finished his education with a degree and got a job as a civil engineering.

He is inspired by two most amazing actors of Bollywood: Hrithik Roshan and Siddharth Malhotra. Following in their footsteps, Navdeesh has fitness goals that he is keen on achieving. Starting his career in civil engineering, he soon lost the interest in the work and felt his passion was elsewhere.

He was keen to make a career out of films. So he quit his job and took up modeling as a full-time profession. Navdeesh soared high when he became Mr. Super Model of Punjab and Mr Delhi in the year 2014. He participated in fashion shows and became a ramp walk model.

Navdeesh was called upon to be a part of advertising campaigns of some brands which made him popular. Navdeesh Arora lucked out, when he participated in the auditions of the famous reality show Roadies X4 produced by MTV.

He managed to impress the judges and was selected to be a part of the season. His exceptional skill and talent and eventually made it up to the finals. In the finals, he lost to the prince. Though Navdeesh did not win the title, He managed to win a lot of hearts.

Apart from acting, Navdeesh is also a biker and a gym freak with a heart for travel. Navdeesh enrolled in the ‘Kreating Characters institute of Film Acting.’ He took a training course offered but the institute after which he managed to impress makers of a TV show ‘ Badho Bahu’.

He has been cast in a role in the TV show making his trainers proud. With a combination of stunning looks and a boy-next-door attitude, Navdeesh Arora is a fierce young lad looking to take his career to the next level. It isn’t long before he enters into Bollywood.

Bharti Bhati Hindi Actor

Bharti Bhati

Born and brought up in Noida, Bharti Bhati has shot to fame as a contestant on MTV reality show ‘Roadies X4’. A member of Sushil Kumar’s group, she has displayed a good sense of self-esteem and confidence. Right from the beginning, she has made a remarkable impression on the judges of the show, and while all of them sought to include her in their team, she was ultimately a part of Sushil Kumar’s gang. Bharti is a beauty with brains! She is pursuing masters in political science from PG Noida College. With a strong persona and a positive attitude, she always leaves a positive imprint in the mind of all and hence, has become favorites to both viewers and judges. She takes every challenge head-on with her brilliant skills. She is a complete tomboy and is as comfortable as so that the judges didn’t even recognize her to be a woman at first sight. Bharti belongs to a Gujjar Middle-class family and has made her parents proud. She has an immensely supportive family who has encouraged her all the way to this show. Unlike many families, her family accepted her for all the traits and the personality she had. This woman and her family have served as an inspiration to all in her town. Bharti is seen as an epitome of a strong modern woman who is self-dependent and determined to deal with all challenges in life, thus, upholding the ethos of women empowerment. She has also sent out a loud message to all about how much support from one’s family can help one to surpass all hurdles and be at the zenith of their life.  Roadies is a TV show telecasted on MTV channel and at present, its 14th season is running. The show has Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra, Ranvijay Singh and Sushil Kumar as the judges and is hosted by the beautiful VJ Gaelyn. It must be said that this show gives a proper platform to such talented ones to come up and hone up their skills. The jury is also a good judge of characters and can understand who has the potential to be a strong competitor in Roadies. We can say that being such a strong personality and contender, Bharti Bhati well deserves to be selected in Roadies and is definitely a potential winner of the show!