Mayuresh Pem is an Indian film actor, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like Sachin: A Billion Dreams (2017), FU: Friendship Unlimited (2017), Zhalla Bobhata (2017), etc. Mostly known for his major involvement in Hindi TV series, short films, dramas, and Bollywood movies, Mayuresh has often been praised by the critics and viewers for the efficient portrayal of the characters he has played so far. In 2012, Mayuresh made his first momentous contribution as an actor with the short film We Gay We Gay Dhau (2012), directed by Shoneel Yallattikar, starring Aniket Bhosale, Garima Joshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Garima Joshi , and Khushboo Lokhande. Since then, Mayuresh has made a lot of progress as an actor.