Born in Bijapur, Karnataka on 27th January 1963, Arati Ankalikar – Tikekar is one of the top vocalists. She completed her graduation from R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics. She commenced her training with the Veteran Pandit Vasanth Rao Kulkarni of Agra – Gwalior Gharanas. Later she was under the mentorship of Gana Saraswati Smt. Kishori Amonkar of Jaipur Atrauli Gharana. Her mentors extensively influenced Arti’s style in music. Her well-known albums are ‘Raag-Rang’ and ‘Tejomay Nadbrahm.’

In addition to albums, Arti is a playback singer and her notable works include De Dhakka, Saavle, Ek Hazarachi Note, and Antamaad. She received the Central Government Scholarship in 1975-80 and the Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar Scholarship in 1980-82. Arti received the Gold Medal for Classical Music, Ghazal and Thumri in the All India Radio Competition during the years 1983 and 1984.

Arti is a two-time National Award recipient for the Best Playback Singer, in the year 2006 (for the Konkani movie Anternaad) and in 2012. Other awards include the Maharashtra State Award, Maharashtra Times Award for a Marathi motion picture and V. Shantaram Award. In 2001, she received Mayor Award and Pt. Kumar Gandharva Sanman in 2006.

In her mid-fifties, Arti now has a career extended over three decades. Additionally, she has several CD recordings and audio cassettes marketed by Rhythm House, HMV, and Polygram. Marathi, Konkani as well as Hindi are a few of the languages she had been the Lead Playback Singer. Her movies as a playback singer include ‘Sardari Begum,’ ‘De Dhakka,’ ‘Dhusar,’ ‘Savlee,’ and ‘Samhitha.’ Arti has done concerts all around the world including USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore and several other countries, to promote the Indian Classical Music. Bangalore, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bhopal, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Kerala are a few of the states in India where she has done concerts.

The Malhar Utsav in Delhi, the Dover Lane Festival in Kolkata, Tansen Samaroh in Gwalior are some of the conferences where she had performed. She had appeared in a music reality show as a judge and also appeared in several interviews and discussions. Well-known movie actor Uday Titekar is Arti’s husband, and they have a daughter Swanandi Titekar, in mid-twenties, and is interested in acting as well.

Shipra Goyal Hindi Actress

Shipra Goyal

Shipra Goyal is a singer who works in Indian film industry and sings for various movies. She is best known for pictures Ungli, Welcome back, The Great Sardaar, Hero, and Hasee Toh Phasee. Born in New Delhi, India on 25th September 1991, she sings in three genres which include pop, Sufi, and dance style. Her family's hometown is Mansa (Punjab), but Shipra was born in Delhi and completed her graduation from there itself. She has carried on the profession of her family, as her parents were also well-known singers of their time. Born to Subhash Goyal and Anju Goyal, she developed her interest in singing at an early age and started practicing and gathering experiences from her parent's performances, live shows, and events. She got the initial training and guidance from her parent's itself. During her school, she participated for the first time in singing competition when she was in class 6th and won first prize in that state level competition. She was not only good at singing but studies as well. She came first in her school in 12th board exams with arts. She gained many experiences by performing in various events during school. All such experiences helped her in participating and doing her very first show while studying in class 12th. This performance of hers made her famous in Delhi's music circle. Next, she completed her graduation from Hindu College, Delhi and shifted to Mumbai to become a playback singer. She started her career in singing with song Ishq Bulava and since then she has continued singing various songs in Bollywood which include tutti bole wedding di of Welcome back, paro of Pyar ka Punchnama 2 along with DevNagi. She sang ungli pe nacha lein of Ungli, crazy cukkad and Yeh Dil Jaanena of Crazy Cukkad Family. Her songs also include Hattanvich of Mr. and Mrs. 420, Pulipuli of picture Puli, Kikara of the One-Night Stand, Yaadaan teriyaan of Hero, MainuIshqlagaa of Shareek, and many more. She has been nominated many times in the category of the best female singer.



Surendra is a well-known actor and singer from India. His date of birth is 11th November 1910. His place of birth was a village in Punjab. His original name was Surendranath Sharma, but for creative purposes, he started to go by the name of Surendra. He adopted the title of BA LLB before his name as a title to exhibit his educational qualification. He wished to be a successful lawyer and practice law before the twist of fate that got him into the film industry. He started off his career as a singer after being discovered by Mehboob Khan. He was to replace KL Saigal. His debut film was Deccan Queen in the year 1936. All his songs were all massive hits. He turned into an evergreen singer due to the fame he garnered in the 1940s. It was during this time span that he also had the chance to show off his acting skills. Surendra got into acting and singing despite his parents being against the idea. In 1938, he met with an accident owing to which the shooting of his movie Gramophone Singer was put on indefinite hold. After a few days of hospitalization, Surendra came back to complete the film. In 1940, Surendra reached the peak of his fame especially with the movie Ali Baba where he played the double role of that of Ali Baba and also his son. He once again met with an accident while he was riding a horse. He was bed-ridden for months, and everyone thought that it was the end of his career. He proved them all wrong by making another comeback and finishing his projects that were still pending. As a lasting result of the accident, Surendra began walking with a slight limp. The emotion of pain in Surendra's voice was capable of inducing tears in the coldest of hearts. All the sad songs sung by him became classics that have relevance even today. Satya Rishi was the name of Surendra's wife. They married in March 1945. Together they had four children. Two of the kids were daughters, and the other two were sons. After having tough luck in the field of mainstream acting, he even launched an ad company that created commercials. The company is still active and has the name FAR Commercials. It is being under the managementof his children. One of his sons has also started his separate ad film company. After having lived in Mumbai almost all his life, in 1987 at the age of 77, Surendra passed away at his home. His last movie was the 1977 film Abhi To JeeLein.

Surendra Hindi Actor