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BU Head/Program Manager Sonu Sonkar works for Logic Fruit Technologies. From 1996 to 2000, he studied BTech Mechanical at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur. He afterward attended Christ Church Inter College in Kanpur. Since August 2000, he has been working concurrently in the fields of IT and theater, and film. With more than 12.5 years of experience in software engineering, he has worked in a variety of roles and technologies, including IBM Mainframe Support Engineer with Syntel and VB, VC++, and MFC Developer; Tester (Multiple technologies & domains); Project Manager overseeing a team of 25 resources, across all four verticals (Development, Enhancement and Support, Testing (manual and Performance), and Technical Documentation), with Java, Net, Oracle, and Unisys Main (later Keane).

He works with Accenture as a Performance Engineering Architect, establishing a new capacity for the most recent client, one of the few worldwide payment processing organizations, called Performance Engineering Core Group. Unix, Java, SQL, VB Macro, and RPT technologies/tools were used. He formerly worked with Logic Fruit Technologies as a test Automation Architect, designing and implementing automated test architecture for a regression suite for one of his last client's products. More than 1900 test cases with more than 6000 verification points made up the regression suite. The regression suite is integrated with the build and entirely automated (scheduled or manually triggered). He publishes each build, reformats the test system, installs the necessary software and Windows updates, launches the test, and publishes the test results to SharePoint.

Technologies used included.Net. He was named the best actor in the Delhi 48-Hour Film Project (2014). In the English international film The Dead - 2, he performed. He has appeared in two full-length movies: "Mrs. Scooter" is currently screening at foreign international film festivals. He served as the main protagonist of "Bulbule." At the third Delhi International Film Festival, the movie took home the viewer's choice award for Best Film. He was a project manager at Caritor, where he began working as an SSE in 2002 and left as a PM in 2007 to pursue a career in the media, entertainment, and film industries.


Born: 5 March 1974

Age Now 50

Hiten Tejwani - (TV-Actor)

Born: 5 March 1970

Age Now 54

Mona Ambegaonkar - (TV-Actress)

Born: 5 March 1987

Age Now 37

Rhea Kapoor - (Hair Stylist)

Born: 5 March 1965

Age Now 59

Neeta Lulla - (Fashion Designer)

Born: 5 March 1963

Age Now 61

Saurabh Shukla - (Movie Actor)

Born: 5 March 1980

Age Now 44

Mazher Sayed - (TV-Actor)

Born: 5 March 1988

Age Now 36

Pallavi Sharda - (Movie Actress)

Born: 5 March 1988

Age Now 36

Saahil Prem - (Movie Actor)