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Rozlyn Khan

Rozlyn khan born on 27 August 1988, real name Rehana Khan is a PETA model based in Mumbai. She rose to fame mainly because of her bold and semi-nude picture shots and has been a model for a magazine called Gladrags. She is persuing and trying a shot for acting in Bollywood. The bold and very beautiful Rozlyn Khan is best known for support to M.S. Dhoni (the former captain of Indian Cricket Team) and his IPL team Chennai Super Kings. She is also known for her breast cancer awareness activities. The model turned actor posted her nude photos on Twitter, which in turn created quite a stir on the internet. She starred in a number of television commercials and advertisements, for example in the commercial of Fruity drink, Monaco biscuits and Kelvinator. Many times she is also compared with model Poonam Pandey after her semi-nude photo shoot. She also bagged a role in a Bollywood film named 'Dharma chaukdhi' starring Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari, and Dipraj Rana which was to be released in the year 2012 but is still in its making. She also grabbed the lead role in the movie ‘Savita Bhabhi’ under Ram Gopal Verma. The film will be a sex comedy. She was also seen doing a pivotal role in a movie called 'jee lene do ek pal' released in the year 2015. Rozlyn Khan, the 28-year-old model has been through many controversies because of her various photo shoots, boldness and sensuality. She has her own website named as On 27 July 2013, Khan declared that she will be the first Bollywood star to have her own webcomic which was launched on 4th August 2013 and her personal website served as a platform for the same. The sensuous Rozlyn has even shown her philanthropist attitude by supporting the cause of breast cancer awareness programme with her relentless efforts. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra also known as the city of dreams. She di her schooling and then her college from the same place. While doing her college, she got the opportunity to try her luck in modelling. Her other controversies include her association with Karan Kakkar, who is an aspiring film-maker. With all such beautiful and bold actions, she seems to be making a firm foothold in the glamour industry and is likely to stay here for long. She was also in the news for some time when a lady from Mumbai, resembling her, started sex trade online through social media platforms like facebook and twitter, by making a fake account of hers; after which she started receiving messages from strangers. Then she happened to know about this fake account through one of her friends. She registered an official complaint about the same to the Additional Commissioner of Police and then Mumbai Police took strict actions against it, therefore, could confront the whole racket easily.


Sakshi Pradhan

Sakshi Pradhan is a Punekar actress who was born in 1988. Her favorite colors are Purple, Black and Pink. She is a big movie buff and loves Troy, Telephone Booth, P.S I Love You, Dil Toh Pagal Hai and many more. Her favourite actors are Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and John Abraham. She once tweeted that in a man she looks for good looks, intelligence, good style, good body language and a great sense of humour. She has had three relationships in the past. She first came into the spot light when she entered the second season of MTV’s Splitsvilla. It is a reality TV show which airs on MTV India. In this show, boys and girls compete to find their perfect partners while going through various rounds and obstacles. As always with this show, there was a big controversy related to this season and also related to Sakshi. A contender for the show, Swagata Shah, published a video against Sakshi, saying that she had been giving the director and Nikhil Chinappa sexual favours. When Sakshi was interrogated about this issue, she said that the video was faked and was fabricated by Swagata. She also claims that Swagata was jealous of Sakshi’s success. She also said that she had hired lawyers and would be going after the people who made and put the video on the internet. There were a few other contenders like Varun and Nalini who were also agreeing to the accusations. To this, Sakshi said that Varun was a hateful guy as she had to dump him twice during the show.and Nalini is Varun’s girlfriend so she had to take his side. As visible, there were a lot of issues and allegations in this season. Everybody involved denied their involvement and Swagata said that he would never do anything against Splitsvilla. There were also murder allegations against Sakshi, but it was never proved. After winning Splitsvilla, Sakshi moved on to Big Boss Season 4. Big Boss is a reality TV show which airs on Colours channel in India. It was hosted by renowned actor Salman Khan. It was made on the Big Brother concept developed in Netherlands. Over a period of eleven years, they developed ten seasons. This show is one of the biggest reality shows in India. When on this show, Sakshi had a pregnancy scare. She confided in her female friends on the show that she had missed her menstrual cycle and was very worried that she could be pregnant. She also had a doctor in the house check it out. When asked why she was always connected to such controversies she said she has absolutely no idea and that one day she would like to meet the people who spread such rumours. Also she wants to tell them that she too has a personal life and that she was also somebody’s daughter. She also retorted saying that gossip does not affect her and that she hopes it will not change her relationships with people close to her. When she was asked if she was pregnant as reported, she said that being a 21 one year old she was more focused on her career and would not dream of being a mother right now. She had also been asked about her MMS scandal to which she said that she was very depressed by it and has cleared it all out previously. She also said that the TV programs shows a lot of things only to get TRPs and that one should not rely on every single thing said there. The pregnancy scare was the last scandal she was involved in as she had soon been eliminated from the house. It appears that she also came in a film called Mallika in 2010 and had a cameo in a film called Lakshmi in 2013. Nonetheless, Sakshi Pradhan got a lot of recognition and was in the news for a lot of different reasons. She has not been heard of in a few years. However people are waiting for a time when she will once again be in news.

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